Who says Canada isn't a desirable destination for beaches? In Ontario, there are several great places to lay out on the sand and soak up the rays. Gentle waters, bustling boardwalks and beautiful scenes all await you in the Heartland.

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This summer, pack your bags and head over to one of these amazing Ontario beach towns for the best getaway ever:

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Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach is a gorgeous community within Fort Erie that was so named because of its amazingly clear waters. The beach is great for swimming and water sports, and there are several restaurant patios that are perfect for enjoying cold drinks by the shore.

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Grand Bend

Grand Bend is known for its white sands and clean waters. In fact, it is one of only 26 in the country to have earned official Blue Flag status for water quality. The beach sits beside a lively town with cute shops and restaurants available to explore.

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Canatara Park

Canatara Park features over 3,000 feet of Lake Huron. Aside from the beautiful beach and clear blue waters, there are also several hiking trails, picnic areas and pavilions in the nearby area.

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Port Dover

Port Dover is a charming community that features one-of-a-kind shops and boutiques. Its beach is one of the coolest in the province, decorated with palm trees and lights that give a real tropical feel.

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Port Stanley

Port Stanley is an excellent destination for a weekend getaway. There are several cottages, restaurants and shopping opportunities in the area, and three amazing beaches are just a short walk away from them all.

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Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach is one of the province's most popular beach spots. With a beach stretching over 10 kilometres long, there's room for everyone to enjoy the warm, shallow waters of the Lake Huron shore.

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Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach is a great town to road trip to if you're looking for some beach fun. It has one of the most amazing boardwalks in the province, as well as a vibrant night life that is worth staying overnight for.