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8 Ontario Universities As Characters From The Office

The Office has always been a popular show, but after being added on Netflix it has caught it's second wind. From Jim and Dwight's rivalry to Michael's daily antics, it seems everyone has watched and fallen in love with the show and it's characters. Surprisingly, the characters have a lot in common with Ontario universities, so check out which Office character represents the university you go to!

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Jim Halpert - Wilfrid Laurier University

Jim Halpert is Dwight Schrute's louder, funnier desk neighbour much like how Laurier is the same for UW. Jim's charm, humour and ability to get out of doing work are all qualities most students at Laurier have. Jim and Laurier students may not be the most work driven people in the world, but they sure are funny!

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Dwight Schrute - University of Waterloo

If Jim Halpert is Laurier, you probably already assumed Dwight is University of Waterloo. The neighbouring universities have had a lengthy rivalry, just like desk neighbours Jim and Dwight. While Jim is the jokester who doesn't worry too much about work, Dwight is focused completely on his work, much like UW students trying to get that engineering degree.

Pam Beesly - Ryerson University

Pam and Ryerson have a lot in common. For starters both Pam and Ryerson are both into business and art. Pam's short enrolment in art school in the show and eventual shift from receptionist to saleswoman sound exactly like the arts/business balance Ryerson has going on. Known mostly for their RTA program but now also showcasing a great business program, it seems Pam would have fit right in on Ryerson's campus!

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Kelly Kapoor - Western University

Kelly Kapoor always knows what's going on. Whether it's celebrity or office gossip, she's always the person to go to if you want to get in on the drama. Pair her pop culture know-how with her loud and funny personality and you've got yourself a Western student! Like Kelly, Western students are always in the know, especially when it comes to where the party is happening.

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Andy Bernard - Queens University

Andy went to Cornell, and he made sure anyone and everyone he ever met knew he did. Like Andy, Queens students make sure anyone and everyone knows that they go to Queens.

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Oscar Martinez - University of Toronto

Oscar Martinez is the office know-it-all and U of T students can relate to his personality. Both Oscar and students from U of T have a lot of knowledge and look for any time to show it off.

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Phyllis Vance - University of Guelph

Phyllis was one of the most unproblematic characters, so much so that half the time you may have forgotten she was there some episodes. Much like Guelph, the students and campus are kind and quaint but can be easily overshadowed by nearby universities like Laurier, UW and Western.

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Kevin Malone - York University

Oh York, like Kevin York students may not be the brightest tools in the shed, but they've got good hearts! Much like the chili-loving character, York students are funny, kind and always think the best of people!

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