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8 Ontario Universities As Disney Princesses

Because we're never too old for Disney.
8 Ontario Universities As Disney Princesses

Disney princesses are something that we as a generation will never get sick of. We grew up with them on our televisions and in our storybooks, and now we like to dress up as their "mature" versions on Halloween. The Disney princess franchise has done so well that there are currently over 25,000 different products that little kids and Disney lovers alike can purchase.

We all had our favourites growing up as a kid, probably based on whichever one looked most like you. You probably fought with your friend or sibling over which one you were going to be during your games of pretend. I call Cinderella.

Here is a list of Ontario universities as Disney princesses:

1. Snow White // University of Toronto

The originals. Snow White was the first Disney princess that started the phenomenon in 1937 that continues to make millions today. The University of Toronto opened in 1827, making it the first post-secondary education offered in Ontario.

Snow White famously takes a bite of an irresistible apple. That "irresistibility" is similar to inevitable procrastination many U of T students go through while studying. The competition between students is high and the pressure is always on. She also has her seven dwarves to help her through tough times. Without your own core group of friends at U of T, it is extremely difficult to get through a semester. At the end of the day, despite all the trials and tribulations that Snow White (or any U of T student) has to go through, she is successful in the end.

2. Cinderella // University of Guelph

Cinderella is a kind-hearted, beautiful, and smart small town girl. You could replace her name with "the typical guelph student" and be just as accurate. Similar to Cinderella, U of G girls are okay with being away from the big city and bright lights. They enjoy the country side and love animals.

Guelph is known for their agricultural program, which is probably the exact program Cinderella would enroll in. U of G girls are modest, humble, and don't like to unnecessarily splurge on anything (find them @ Trapper's Alley for dollar beer nights) . Like Cinderella, they are the whole package and are most-likely to be picked up by a handsome suitor eventually.

3. Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aurora) // University of Western Ontario

Aurora is the beautiful "girly-girl" in the disney princess squad. She loves to wear pink and always looks put together. Western girls are no different. With most being a carbon-copy of each other, they are always dressed well and often turn heads when they walk into a room.

Aurora is famously known for falling under an extensive sleeping curse that can only be fixed with the kiss of a handsome prince. Western girls like to sleep all day and party all night. They may often miss class because of their personal alcohol induced sleeping curses, making Sleeping Beauty the most appropriate comparison. What's the cure to Western girls' week long benders and irregular sleeping patterns? Finding a handsome suitor, preferably an Ivy graduate that will take up their time rather than spending too many nights at JBR's or Gatsby's.

4. Elsa // Queen's University

Queen's university is located in Kingston, which is famous for its aggressive winds and harsh winters. You have to be okay with the sub zero temperatures that you will inveitably walk through to get from Goodes to McLaughlin if you want to go here.

Elsa would certainly be in her element, not just because she is more than okay with the cold, but also because she is a well-educated individual. After spending so much time in solitude, she became extremely well read and knowledgeable. Girls that go to Queen's are both beautiful and smart. Like Elsa, they are most-likely to be extremely successful and possibly be the woman in charge at whatever organization they choose to work at.

5. Mulan // University of Waterloo

I know what you're thinking...but Mulan is an extremely focused individual. Like Waterloo students, she is well disciplined and very intelligent. Mulan is okay with being the only girl in the room. Girls enrolled in the engineering program at Waterloo are similar in the sense that over 80% of engineering students at U of W are male.

Waterloo has one of, if not the best engineering programs in all of Canada. Like Mulan, students at U of W are willing to sacrifice a lot to achieve their end goal. Waterloo engineering students often give up the "typical" university lifestyle of partying and days off for the constant studying and hard work it takes to successfully complete their degree (or even just pass it in general).

6. Anna // Wilfrid Laurier University

Anna is a fearless, happy-go-lucky and a reckless ball of energy that likes to have fun. She's beautiful but doesn't show it off. Girls at Laurier are up for anything. Although they can be very beautiful, they aren't outrageously stuck up and know how to have a good time. Anna could care less that her sister gets more attention because she is happy as long as she is surrounded by good people and always has something exciting to do.

Like Anna, Laurier girls are social butterflies. They probably chose their university based on the amazing school spirit and fun reputation it has. Although they like to have fun, they also understand the importance of gaining a strong educational background, making Laurier their obvious choice.

7. Rapunzel // OCAD University

Rapunzel was unfairly couped up in a solitary tower for years. All she wanted was to break free and experience the busy happenings of the city. Many OCAD students love the big city vibe and the constant excitement that being in the downtown core brings.

Because she was always alone, she had to get creative with entertaining herself on the daily. OCAD has some amazing artistic programs. Their photography, art and design students produce some incredible work. The students don't need to be surrounded by others all time and are fully capable of diving into a creative outlet that will take up their time.

8. Belle // Carleton University

Belle is a french beauty with a selfless personality. Located in Ottawa, Carleton has a beautiful campus with many English and French speaking students. The fact that Belle was french and Carleton is on the boarder of Ontario and Quebec is not the only aspect that ties the two together.

Carleton is very well known for their journalism program. Belle was an avid reader with a love for literature. She would definitely pursue a career in journalism in the 21st century and probably have Carleton in her top 3 choices. Carleton girls are pretty, smart, and down to earth. Belle is most definitely their "spirit princess".

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