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7 Ontario Universities As Kardashians

Here’s something I never thought I’d ever do - I compared reputable, world-ranked universities in Ontario to members of the most hated family in America. But why? Clearly, such concept has no useful purpose (other than to possibly entertain). Yet, in a world where important issues are glossed over by stupid memes and senseless headlines, this article might actually bear some degree of relevancy.

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Because the truth is, we’re stuck in a generation that largely prioritizes the materialistic over the substantial. That very disposition might even be what motivated you to click on this article in the first place. So you’re free to scoff, hate, and claim that you’re “above” it; but ultimately, you still landed on this page somehow...

If there’s any common thread between Ontario universities and the Kardashians, it’s that they’re both influential. The Kardashian legacy speaks for itself - their reality show has managed to last 12 years on air, and collectively they have one of the largest fan bases in the world. Aside from TV, they are also prominent figures in other key industries, such as social media, fashion and business.

Talented or not, one thing is for certain - people continue to be intrigued by their lavish lives, whether they want to be or not. Here are 8 Ontario universities as Kardashians:

Side noteComparisons made in this article were drawn mainly from similarities in personalities and stereotypes.

Kim Kardashian - Western University

Western University students are often harshly stereotyped as rich, obnoxious party animals who care more about their appearances than their studies. Even Maclean’s described the typical Western girl in a similar light: "She's the picture of privilege, the epitome of entitlement. She’s the girl you love to hate… She’s well-off to the point of being spoiled. She doesn’t care much about school. Primping and partying are her priorities."

Based on these stereotypes alone, it could be said that Kim Kardashian is a fitting representative for Western students. Like them, she's also criticized for being vain and self-centred. As a socialite, she prioritizes partying to some significant degree, just like Western students do, and money is definitely not an issue for her. But she's not all just good looks and selfies; she has still experienced a great deal of success in her professional endeavours. She has infiltrated the fashion world as model and businesswoman, and continues to be an influential figure in the industry. Such well-roundedness and business savvy is also characteristic for Western University students.

Khloe Kardashian - York University

York students are often overlooked and underestimated. They are frequently subjected to ruthless and inaccurate stereotypes like "If you can hold a fork, you can go to York." They also aren't necessarily viewed as the most "achieved" students in the Ontario university world (this may be because of York University's notoriously lenient acceptance rates).

That being said, Khloe Kardashian could be a good representative for York students because she has faced criticism to a similar degree as they have; more so than any of the other Kardashians. For many years, Khloe was ridiculed for her looks just because her beauty was different from that of her sisters. But she didn't let the haters stop her from doing good for herself - she currently runs a successful brand under the Kardashian name and has even authored a book about body positivity. Her confident mindset and perseverance to succeed against all odds is characteristic of York students as well. Like Khloe, they are friendly, outspoken, and definitely not strangers to controversy.

Kourtney Kardashian - University of Toronto

UofT students are the crème de la crème; the finest of the bunch. Such generalization likely has something to do with their association to UofT itself. It is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada, having been top-ranked in several national and global rankings. But a lot of credit still goes to the students themselves - they are motivated, hard working and boundary-pushing in all their endeavours.

So then, why is Kourtney Kardashian the chosen representative for UofT students? Well, for starters, she is the most educated of her sisters, having graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts. Though she may not be as popular among the Kardashians as UofT is in the Ontario university world, she is still a crowd favourite because she is often the voice of reason for her siblings. But even more than this, Kourtney is similar to UofT students because, like them, has her priorities straight - although she is career-oriented, she still manages to keep her life in good balance. She even stated once that she wouldn't mind if Keeping Up With The Kardashians was cancelled!

Kris Jenner - University of Guelph

Guelph students are known for their friendly and outgoing personalities. I've described them before as "gentle beings with an attitude," and I think that statement still applies - even though they are kind, they still have a fierce and witty side that they aren't afraid to unleash. Guelph students are also free-spirited and relatively open to trying new things.

That's why Kris Jenner is the perfect Kardashian member to represent Guelph students. She is just as spontaneous as they are - one minute she's handling her duties like a responsible "momager"should, and the next she's getting drunk with a bunch of rappers! She's also not afraid to defend the people she loves. She continues to be proud of her daughters regardless of the wrong they've done in the past. Guelph students are the same way - they have such an immense pride for their school, and will rep black, red and gold to their dying breaths, no matter what controversies their school may get caught up in.

Kendall Jenner - Wilfrid Laurier University

Laurier students are said to be some of the most beautiful around. But accompanying that generalization is the stereotype that Laurier students are not as competent in academics as students in other schools are. This stereotype is likely originated from UW, the neighbouring school, which has a long-standing rivalry with Laurier.

Based on that stereotype, Kendall Jenner would be a good representative for Laurier students. She is perhaps the most naturally beautiful of her sisters, and has worked her way up to become one of the most sought-after models in the fashion industry. Apart from her beauty, she also has a strong athletic background. She was actually the high jump representative for her high school, and was even trained by her dad who was a gold medalist in the 1976 Olympics. Laurier students are also athletic, and their school is known for its competitive sports teams (many members of the CFL are actually Laurier alumni).

Kylie Jenner - Queens University

Queens students are notoriously known for being rich kids, and because of that they are often stereotyped for being spoiled and conceited. Their past rambunctious homecomings have given them a reputation for being crazy party animals with a massive pride for their school. But aside from these, Queens students are also smart and successful, especially in the areas of business and commerce.

On the basis of being rich and spoiled, Kylie Jenner is the fitting choice for Queens University. There was a period in time when she was highly criticized for mooching off of her sisters' money, since people thought that the only thing she had going for herself was her Tumblr page. But upon her maturity, she started to prove that she could be successful in her own right. With a lip injection and a new-found self-confidence, she launched a line of cosmetics that have received great reviews and are in high demand today. That same determination and business prowess can be seen in Queen's students as well.

Rob Kardashian - Ryerson University

Ryerson students are often overshadowed by their UofT peers. Sharing the same space downtown with the UofT students provokes comparison, but they always seem to be the underdog. Nevertheless, Ryerson students have a lot to be proud of - their school ranks among the top universities in Canada, and it was also one of the first in Ontario to offer a fashion degree program.

That being said, Rob Kardashian is a great pick for Ryerson students. Like them, he is also often overshadowed by his sisters. But he persevered past the judgments - he took up business at the Marshall School of Business at the University of South California and started his own sock fashion line called "Arthur George". And he didn't stop there - after taking some time away from the limelight to focus on his health, he has returned with a new wife, baby and show. All in all, Rob's hard-working attitude and willingness to press on is something that Ryerson students also possess.

Honourable mention:

  • Scott Disick - Brock University

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