It's usually around this time of year that the weather gets nicer in Toronto and people start to get out of their houses more. With exams finishing and summer approaching, several Torontonians will surely be looking for places to party.

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While Toronto has a great nightlife scene, at some point it may get a bit repetitive for party-goers who go out too often. here are 8 party cities you can drive to from Toronto:

Under a 5-hour drive

These locations are for people who are looking for a quick getaway from the city. Although some of these destinations have significantly smaller night life options than Toronto, they are still great places to consider going to to take a break from the Entertainment District. People who actually live in these destinations may view these suggestions as backwards thinking, but for a Torontonian who has spent way too much time partying on King Street, such options may be quite refreshing.

 1. Hamilton, ON

1 h 6 min away

Many people tend to overlook Hamilton's nightlife because they probably feel like all they'll find there is steel. But on the contrary, it has a lot to offer party-goers, from its active club district to Hess Village.

2. Guelph, ON

1 h 20 min away

Though Guelph isn't typically known as a party city, it can still be a whole lot of fun with the right group of people. From cozy bars to a few small clubs, you're sure to find some place exciting to go to during your night out.

3. Niagara Falls, ON

1 h 33 min away

Niagara Falls is more than just the site of one of the Wonders of the World. There are several places to party, from a great selection of dive bars, clubs and 24-hr casinos within the Fallsview and Clifton Hill districts.

4. London, ON

2 h 13 min away

London is expected to have a vibrant nightlife, thanks to the reputation it's been given by party school Western University. Whether you're looking for a chill bar for an easy night or a live night club to dance the night away at, London's got it all.

5. Kingston, ON

2 h 14 min away

As the home of Queen's University, one of Playboy's top party schools in North America, we can expect the nightlife to be particularly good in Kingston. Every night is party night, with clubs, bars and pubs littered with locals getting turnt.

6. Sudbury, ON

4 h 14 min away

Sudbury isn't just a town obsessed with nickel, it's also a great place to party at. It is filled with a variety of hipster hangouts, dive bars, and dance clubs that are open up until the wee hours of the morning.

7. Ottawa, ON

4 h 40 min away

Ottawa knows how to live it up, which is expected since it is the capital city of Canada after all. You'll find everything from EDM clubs to trendy bars all in close vicinity to each other. Also, Quebec is just a short hop over the river, which opens up even more possibilities for your night.

8. Montreal, QC

4 h 53 min away

Montreal is perhaps the best party city in Canada, as several people claim online. And it's not just because the drinking age is gloriously 18 - most of its clubs and bars (which are all cool and super sleek) are open until late into the night and the streets are packed with party-goers every weekend.

BONUS : Under a 10-hour drive

These locations are for people who are interested in a bigger adventure. Those of us who have been on long road trips with friends can attest to the fact that the drive makes the entire trip much more fun.

Quebec City, QC

8 h 7 min away

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New York City, NY

8 h 4 min away

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8 h 14 min away

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Atlantic City

8 h 40 min away

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