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8 Places In Toronto To Get Desserts For Under $5

For a quick sugar fix.
8 Places In Toronto To Get Desserts For Under $5

One sure fire way to brighten your day is with sugar. Luckily for us, Toronto is a massive hub for sweets and treats, and new dessert houses are popping up each day.

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If you currently have a sugar craving but are also a bit tight on money, you might appreciate these 10 Toronto places that sell desserts for under $5:

Delight Chocolates // 3040 Dundas St W

Gourmet Chocolates

Delight Chocolates sells hand-made, organically derived chocolates, brownies, bars and truffles in The Junction. They've got some really cool flavour selections, like lime-chili and lemon-vanilla. Though gourmet chocolates can be rather expensive, Delight Chocolates has some affordable options, including select chocolate bars for $1 each, and two boxes of chocolates for $3.50.

No Bull Burgers // 1019 Kingston Rd


No Bull Burgers is primarily a burger joint, but they still whip up mean milkshakes. Multiple flavours are available including classics like chocolate and strawberry and more unique flavours like mango and mint chocolate chip. Their milkshakes are only made with Kawartha Dairy ice cream, and are generously topped with whipped cream. They cost $4.99 each.

Johnvince Foods // 555 Steeprock Dr


Johnvince Foods is a refreshing alternative to Bulk Barn for pick-and-mix candy. They have almost anything type of candy you can think of, from brand names like Planters and M&Ms to lesser known names like Charlie's Snacks. Since their selections are priced by weight, you're bound to get a decent quantity of candies for a good price.

Phipps Bakery & Cafe // 420 Eglinton Ave W


Phipps Bakery & Cafe makes some of the best baked treats around. Among their selection of desserts are a line of scrumptious tarts that come in flavours like Apple Crumble, Caramel Pecan, Chocolate Butter Tart and more. The tarts are sold between $2.89 to $3.99 each. They also sell packs of mini tarts (in lemon and raspberry flavours) for $4.99.

Empanada Company // 122 Fortieth St


The Empanada Company specializes in hand-crafted Chilean empanadas and other Spanish delicacies like churros. Those looking for a traditional churro experience will be pleased here, as The Empanada Company serves their churros in the most conventional way - injected with a flavoured filling, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with dulce de leche dip. A half dozen goes for about $4.50.

SanRemo Bakery // 374 Royal York Rd


SanRemo Bakery uses traditional ingredients and approaches to create their delectable line of Italian breads and desserts. Two of their specialities include cakes and donuts. For $2.99, you could get a single slice of cake in flavours like mocha and Black Forest. Their donuts are also affordable and are sold at $1.60 for a single, $1.25 for a custom mini donut and $2.50 for a custom image donut. See their website for a full listing of flavours.

Fantail // 333 Roncesvalles Ave


Fantail is a bakery and cafe that specializes in delicious cakes. They carry various flavours, including their popular carrot, red velvet and earl grey cardamom chocolate cakes. Each slice is sold for $4.75 each, and gluten-free options are also available.

Scoop Shop // 808 Dundas St W

Ice Cream

Scoop Shop sells a variety of quirky ice cream flavours, from PB&J to Ceylon cinnamon. They only use natural ingredients for their ice cream and they are all made from scratch. They also carry some vegan options. Single scoops go for $3.50 and double scoops go for $4.90.

BONUS: $5 Sweet Tooth Crawl

From June 2nd to June 30th, a $5 Sweet Tooth Crawl is being held for anybody who has downloaded the Toronto's Finest passport on their app. This option is just a bonus on this list because the only way to get the $5 desserts is to purchase the passport, which costs $10. 12 shops in Toronto will be participating in the 4-week event, and 12 dessert dishes will be available. See their website for a full listing.

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