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8 Amazing Poolside Bars You Must Try In Toronto

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8 Amazing Poolside Bars You Must Try In Toronto

Toronto may not have the sizzling weather of Miami or the same calibre of summer vibes as Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean it can’t enjoy the same luxuries. Poolside bars still exist throughout the city, and they can be just as fun so long as the sun’s out!

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So grab your friends, bathers and sunscreen: here are 8 quintessential poolside bars in Toronto to hit up this summer:

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627 King St W

Lavelle, which just opened last year, has quickly become a Toronto favourite, with its gorgeous outdoor pool and cozy lounge bar both 16 stories into the sky.

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Thompson Hotel

550 Wellington St W

The Thompson Hotel features a stunning infinity pool on its rooftop, surrounded by summery cabanas, a bar and lounge, and unparalleled 360-degree views of the Toronto skyline.

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Hyatt Regency

370 King St W

Hyatt Regency's outdoor pool and sun deck are perfect for those looking to soak up some rays. Guests can enjoy tasty meals and drinks on the side via room service.

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Sheraton Centre 

123 Queen St W

The Sheraton Centre's heated pool is open year round, and is unique for its half-indoor, half-outdoor design. It is the largest of its kind in the city, and comes complete with cocktail service.

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Radisson Admiral Hotel

249 Queens Quay W

The Radisson Admiral opens its pool and patio every summer. The more intimate space sits right under the CN Tower, where guests are treated to a gorgeous view while they wind down.

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Cabana Pool Bar

11 Polson St

Cabana Pool Bar is the most popular summer venue in Toronto, attracting hundreds of locals every year. It comes complete with private cabanas, inflatables, and, of course, bottle service.

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Muzik Pool Bar

15 Saskatchewan Rd

Muzik Pool Bar is a night club with a resort-like feel, consisting of a sweet outdoor pool and great music.

Aquário Beach Club

49 Dillingham Rd (Pickering)

Aquário Beach Club is the newest addition to the GTA, and is currently in development. It is scheduled to open this summer and will feature cabana booths, a full-service kitchen and bar, a volleyball court, a central pool and hot tubs.

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