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8 Reasons Why Beyonce Might Actually Be From Toronto

Running through the 6ix with Queen Bey
8 Reasons Why Beyonce Might Actually Be From Toronto

So I looked it up and apparently Queen of the World is not a real-life position (bummer, I know). But if there was one it would indisputably be our girl Beyonce. She kills it every time she goes on stage, opens her mouth and shakes her fab derriere. As a loyal member of her BEYgency, I was passing the daydreaming and marvelling at our Queen when it struck me how much Bey and Toronto have in common. Like for reals you guys, if she wasn't constantly singing about "H-town bitches" I would totally believe she was a born and bred Torontonian.

Here are some reasons why she could totally hail from the 6.

1) "Beyography" is HUGE in Toronto.

Let's face it, Beyonce basically made big butts a thing in mainstream pop culture. Sure Nicki and Iggy helped but really it was Queen Bey and her bootylicious dance moves that got the whole world excited about butts. And here in the Tdot we are no exception, in fact, we took the dance worshipping to a new level with hugely popular "Beyography" classes popping up across the city. That's right, there are fitness classes dedicated solely to learning to strut like Beyonce. And because Toronto understands the love of dancing too Beyonce should not discriminate, there are studios like Elevation Dance Centre that offers super affordable classes at 15 dollars. You will fo sho leave feeling ***flawless. #werk

2) We have art galleries named after her.

If you are looking for some Irreplaceable art pieces that will leave you Crazy in Love with them you should hit up the nomadic art collective: Younger Than Beyonce. OCAD grads Humboldt Magnussen and Marjan Verstappen have joined forces to create an art gallery featuring artists who are younger than Beyonce ( who is turning 34 this September) from the Toronto area. To fundraise for their gallery they held a dance party which played only Beyonce music (aka the only type of dance parties I have). Their first show in Regent Park was such a success that they will soon be running another one in Parkdale, featuring the 33 best pieces from the hundreds of submission pieces they received.

3) Beyonce is the coolest person in the world and West Queen West was voted one of the coolest streets in the world.

Last year Vogue Magazine gave Toronto some props when they voted West Queen West the 2nd coolest street in the whole world. Described as place boasting "desirability for globetrotting taste-makers" it would only make sense that the world's favourite globe traveling trend setter would be from here. Right???

4) Beyonce and Drake are tight

Dream team? Nah, 6ix team is more like it. Drake and Yonce have teamed up several times, in both Beyonce's song "Mine" and,more recently, Drake's "Can I". Think about it, they are both beautiful, majorly talented and come from money. They could totally have been Forest Hill pals growing up.

5) She knows how to work winter fashion like a natural born Torontonian.

Toronto is an amazing place to live and we love our city with Sasha Fierce level pride, however even we have to admit that the winters suck. Yet, Torontonions (mostly) refuse to let winter get the best of them and insist on looking hella fine in their winter coats and multiple layers. Her outfit at Obama's inauguration proves Beyonce is up with winter fashion as well.

6) Just like Queen Bey, Toronto is down for feminism.

Let's get real for a second, please. Yes, Beyonce's hair is amazing, her thighs give me goosebumps, and her wardrobe can only be described as fierce af, but what really makes Beyonce queen of the world is her ability to draw widespread attention to feminism.

She also features other prominent feminist voices in her work, such as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, author of Why We Should All Be Feminists.

And Toronto is so on board with all of that! You know how Miley is all about that Free the Nipple Movement? Well, Toronto is so been-there-done-that. For 24 years Torontonian women have been allowed to soak up the sun all over (aka be topless), just like their male counterparts. Also, an equal half (50%) of Toronto's workforce are women, and things like dependant sick days (to take care of unwell children) have made it easier on women to stay and be successful in the workforce. Beyonce and Blue would be so down with that idea.

But both Beyonce and Toronto know that while gains are being made for women in the 6 there is still plenty of room for improvement.

 7) Torontonions have no chill, and neither does Bey

"I wanted to sell a million records, and I sold a million records. I wanted to go platinum; I went platinum. I've been working nonstop since I was 15. I don't even know how to chill out." - Beyonce. We feel you Bey, we feel you. Toronto girls also have no chill. From attending some of the most academic and prestigious universities in the world, to working our asses off ( the GTA's unemployment rate hovers just under 6% while the national average is 6.8%) to enjoying the some of the best nightlife in the country, we too have no time to chill. We are to busy Run(ing) the World. People from outside Toronto like to hate on us but we know they are just jealous.

8) There are many different sides to her

In fact she even has an alter ego, Sasha Fierce. Beyonce can go from a criminal (On the Run Tour)

to loving, affectionate mother (Blue)

to leader of a booty shaking girl army ( Run the World)

to sexy stripper (Partition),

to impassioned feminist standing up for social justice (Flawless, Pretty Hurts)

all within one album!

It's like she learned it from Toronto, who also is multi dimensional. Not only does the city go from a winter/christmas wonderland ( Distillery district, skating at town hall, the Bay windows)

to a city brimming with summer energy ( packed King St West Patio's, drinks in Trinity Bellwoods).

But we have a unique mix of people as well from the frat boys of the Annex, to the Kensington Hipsters, and the wolves of Bay streets. We too have it all.

Even though Beyonce is proud of her Houston roots, it would totally, 100% make sense if Beyonce was a Toronto girl. I think the 6ix would have raised her right.

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