Toronto's nightlife is incredible. With bar on bars and clubs on clubs, there as an endless amount of fun to be had.

Which makes Toronto the perfect place for "party girls" to thrive. So what is a party girl and what makes her so great? She is someone who enjoys having a good time, is unapologetic about her choices, and is now doubt the life of any party. She can be seen on King St. any given day of the week in the highest heels and dressed to the nines, skipping the line and heading straight for the tequila.  Don't worry then up for work the next day looking totally ready to take on the day.

If you don't already know a Toronto party girl, I highly suggest you meet one fast, because although it may not seem like it, this is the girl you will make your wifey soon:

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1. They're resourceful with money.

Toronto is expensive and going out all the time gets pricey. Party girls know how to spend wisely to ensure that the fun never ends. This is a life long skill that will carry on into your marriage and she'll always make sure that there's enough money left over for at the end of the month for a romantic dinner for two at Buca.

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2. They're good at balancing work and play.

Contrary to popular belief, most party girls have jobs and are really good at them. How else would they be able to afford this kind of a lifestyle? A self-made woman is definitely wifey material.

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3. If they can take care of their drunk friends, they can take care of a toddler.

Really what's the difference between a drunk person and a small child? Nothing, expect that babies are much cuter. A party girl never needs to be taken care of when she goes out, yet on the off chance she finds herself at EFS with her less experienced friend, she'll go into full "mom-mode". You will see her true maternal instincts come out, and you have to admit it's kind of sexy.

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 4. They know the best places in Toronto for brunch.

Brunch is a Toronto institution, one that will always be a vital part of your life. In fact, as you get older, getting drunk at brunch will basically cancel out going out to bars. Your party girl already has a heads up on the Brunch game, because hangovers are best spent at Old School, Mildred's Temple Kitchen or basically anywhere else that serves chicken and waffles. Brunch=Adulting.

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5. They're great in bed.

You gain a certain level of confidence during drunk sex that allows you to try out some new things that maybe you normally wouldn't otherwise. Party girls have already perfected all the tricks during their drunken adventures, and thus, no longer need liquid courage to rock your world.

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6. They're not selfish.

Sharing is caring. A Party Girl’s Bible says to always make sure other people are having as much fun as you. Because what's the fun of partying alone, right? A party girl will carry this mentality on to her married life. She will always make sure that her better half is as happy and satisfied as she is. Always.

7.They're patient.

If they can wait in line to Everleigh on a Friday night, they can wait for you to get your shit together. Party girls aren't quitters and they'll stick by you no matter how long it takes you to pop the question.

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8. They're probably over it.

Party girls have been up and down King St. more times than the Leafs have disappointed their fans. It's just not as fun as it once was; they're ready to settle down and partake in something more meaningful, like a relationship with you. Ex-party girls won't be tempted by the lure of Toronto's nightlife, as opposed to girls who haven't partied enough in their lives.