Summer can always promise two things; sun and people going for a run. Whether fresh out of the hibernation that winter brings, or continuing their all year jog; you're sure to find a group of runners in brightly coloured spandex making their way through the 6ix.

Runners are like these mystical, graceful, cardio maniac machines. Always put together, stride always on beat, even their sweat seems to drip in a flattering manner. Or you have runners like me. The ones that think they look like they should be winning a gold medal but really you resemble something akin to a flailing goose. Either way, we're all out to find that runners high; and these views could get you a little closer.

1. Queen's Park // U of T Campus

Queen's Park in the summer is basically Toronto's version of London's famous Hyde Park, or a wannabe tumblr stars backdrop for a photo shoot. Either way both provide the luxurious backdrop to distract you from the fact that your legs fell like they're going to give out any second. The loop itself is only 0.9 km long, but you could either do a couple loops and when you are heading back south towards University go to Queens Park Cresent W and take a right , turn right (west) right onto the pathway that leads to Hart House Circle.

2. Martin Goodman Trail // Ashbridges Bay

For the ambitious ones out there, The Martin Goodman Trail goes all the way from Exhibition Place to the Humber River, but for people who don't feel like training for an Iron Man you can just run on the trail by Ashbridges Bay. For those who feel like getting technical the route is 2.8km long and with views of the water and fellow (hot) athletes playing volleyball you'll be running sans woes.

3. Edward Gardens // Sunnybrook Park

More than a running trail this beautiful park ground also has tons of space for people to have picnics, multiple dog parks and even a horse stable. Meaning you'll never be bored running through this gorgeous stretch of greenery. This trail is just under 5 km long and takes you from Sunnybrook Hospital, through Sunnybrook Park, through Edward Gardens and out to Bridle Path.

4. Belt Line To The Brick Works // Don Valley

What's better than ending off a run with a dope Instagram of you on top of the infamous Brickworks hill in front of the skyline?! Channel your inner rocky for this amazing summer run. Starting at the Belt Line entrance from Moore Park and end in the middle of Don Valley on top of the Brick Works Hill.

5. Waterfront Trail from High Park to Ontario Place // Gardiner

Lake Ontario's not called a great lake for it's semi average views. There's an access point from High Park at Colborn Lodge Dr, from there you can run to Ontario Park and get off a Lake Shore Blvd. West (west of Strachan Ave.), or take it all the way to Coronation Park at Lake Shore Blvd. West (just east of Strachan Ave).

6. Yonge St. // Yonge and Eglinton to Yonge and Front St.

People watching isn't exactly in the conventional definition for scenic, but we all know we love creeping into other people's lives. Head down this bustling running route for plenty of distractions from the amount of energy you're exerting. Stores, people who knows and who cares! You're running away so no one will even notice you staring a little too long. This is partly the route for the Sporting Life 10k for Camp Oochigeas, a run that thousands of people run yearly so you know it's a good one. The route is simple, start at Yonge and Eglinton and literally run straight south to Yonge and Front St.

7. Centre Island Loop // Toronto Island

Really experience everything the city has to offer by heading over to the Toronto Island to truly take in some stunning views of Toronto. Why not turn this into a full blown triathlon, skip the ferry and swim over? (Please don't). You can take the ferry over to Centre Island, then head along Avenue of the Island to Lakeshore Ave, turn left and run all the way to the end of the island and loop back along Cibola Ave. If you complete the full loop it should total out to about 7km!

8. Leslie Street Spit // Tommy Thompson Park

The views in this park make this running route a must have for our list. For this escape from the city head to the end of Leslie st. and the route will take you right out to Lake Ontario! If you're heading out to the end of the trail (a 5km run one way) just make sure you have enough energy to run the 5km back!

Check out more info about Tommy Thompson Park here.

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