Canada isn't really known as a prime destination for beaches. Its northern position and notorious winters often mislead people into thinking it has nothing to offer but snow and cold. But that certainly isn't the case - there are several amazing beaches across the country that make great vacation spots in the summer.

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In Ontario, beach-goers have seemingly endless options to choose from, despite not being near a coast. There are even a few secret beaches that are perfect for those who would rather avoid the large crowds. Here are some of the best secret beaches in the province: 

Batchawana Bay

Sault Ste. Marie

Batchawana Bay has some of the warmest waters in Lake Superior due to its relatively shallow waters. It's a great destination for families as there are children's playgrounds, picnic tables, cottages and campgrounds in the area.

Canatara Park


Canatara Park is one of Canada's few beaches to have earned official Blue Flag status for its strict water quality and safety standards. Located along the edge of Lake Huron, the beach stretches as far as a kilometre and is close to the nearby city for those who may require some urban comforts.

Cedar Grove

Wasaga Beach

Cedar Grove is a waterfront campground that has its own private beach. Playgrounds, arcades, mini-golf, ice cream and candy stores, fire pits, green spaces and picnic areas can all be found in the area, making it a great place for those seeking an overnight option.

Harmony Beach


Harmony Beach has a sandy shoreline that offers beautiful views of Havilland Bay. Aside from swimming and sunbathing, visitors can enjoy hiking trails and local restaurants that are all within walking distance from the beach.

Katherine Cove

Sault Ste. Marie

Katherine Cove is home to Bathtub Island, a unique rock formation that houses a pool of water separate from the lake. In the summer months, the shallower depths can sometimes make for a warmer swim compared to the waters of the neighbouring Lake Superior.

Old Woman Bay


Old Woman Bay offers some of the best views of the Lake Superior shoreline. Its sandy beach is cradled by forested cliffs and hills that tower more than 400 feet above the lake.

Rock Lake

Algonquin Provincial Park

Rock Lake has a cozy beach that also serves as a recreational RV campsite. The beach is backed by a gorgeous vista of forested rock hills that would win over any outdoors enthusiast.

Tottenham Conservation Area

New Tecumseh

The Tottenham Conservation Area is only a 40-minute drive from Toronto. A spacious sandy beach surrounded by 41 acres of parkland allows for many exciting activities, from beach volleyball to nature walks.