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8 Secret Places To Take Your Girlfriend To In Ontario

You, her, and the Heartland.

In every relationship, alone time with your partner is necessary. While it's fun to go out with friends or to lively and bustling places, it's also important to set aside some time for just you and your significant other. No distractions, no other people - just the two of you enjoying each other's company.

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In Ontario, there are several "secret" locations that would be perfect for a private date. Here are 8 secret places to take your girlfriend to this summer:

Covered Portage Cove


Covered Portage Cove is a secluded bay hugged by spectacular bluffs and forested hills. A sprinkle of floating boats and kayakers in the water below make this a relaxing spot to visit with your significant other.

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Bridal Veil Falls

Manitoulin Island

Bridal Veil Falls is a glorious, calm waterfall fed by the Kagawong River in the Lake Huron region. Aside from wading opportunities at the waterfall floor, there are also picnic areas on at the top of the falls and hiking trails in the surrounding forest to explore.

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Bonnechere Caves


Bonnechere Caves is a unique site that takes visitors beneath the surface and into a spectacular network of underground passageways. Small waterfalls, grottos and bat sanctuaries can be explored here, and on some occassions the owners even put on dining events in the caves.

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Millcroft Hot Springs


The Millcroft Hot Springs are an award-winning feature of the Millcroft Inn & Spa in Caledon. You and your significant other can enjoy a weekend of enhanced wellness, with 17 treatment areas in the spa including hydrotherapy rooms, a fitness room, an outdoor terrace, and of course, the hot springs.

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Bogle Seeds


Bogle Seeds is a sunflower farm that has been running for six generations. It features some of the most vibrant sunflowers in the province, and allows visitors to peruse through the 75-acre crop fields.

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Ranney Gorge


Ranney Gorge is a river-cut wonder that features a beautiful suspension bridge. It offers some of the best views in the province, especially during autumn when the leaves start to change colour. HIking trails are also scattered in the areas surrounding the gorge.

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St. Raphael's Ruins

South Glengarry

St. Raphael's Ruins are the remains of a former church that was consumed by a fire in 1970. The stone walls of the church still stand, and it makes a perfect location for a private date with your significant other.

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Burnt Rock Pool


Burnt Rock Pool is a secluded beach in Lake Superior Provincial Park. The pebble-ridden shores, scenic backdrops, and privacy of the forest makes this an intimate spot to set up a cozy bonfire.

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