8 Struggles Only Toronto Cancer Signs Understand

The struggle can get really real, real fast.
8 Struggles Only Toronto Cancer Signs Understand

Being a Cancer definitely has it’s perks. We're lucky enough to be born in the lovely summer months, aka presents every 6 months between holidays and birthday, win!

It isn't all fun and games all the time though. If you fall under this astrological sign, you’re probably quite familiar with these struggles.

1. You’d rather stay in.

It’s Friday night and you’ve been grinding away the week at work and all you want to do is relax. Hell, even if you had the day off - YOU AIN’T GOIN’ NOWHERE. So what if the gang want’s to liven things up and have a night out? Getting dressed sounds like a ton of effort that you just don’t want to make. Plus, you just started a new series on Netflix and not binge-watching the rest of it would definitely be a crime.

Unless it's the most exclusive TIFF party or industry event happening in the city, even then, it's a hard sell to you. You would need to be guaranteed a meeting with Toronto's top bachelor to talk you out of your plans to stay in.

2. You think a lot.

You have so many thoughts. So. Many. Being a pensive person can have it’s perks - especially if you’re creative - but being contemplative often leads to reflecting, over-thinking and self-criticism. Everyone has those nights where you’re up all night remembering how you tripped onstage, infront of everyone at graduation. You just have them a little more often.

Riding Toronto transit is a deep place for you. Your daily commute on the TTC or Go Transit is your time to decompress, to review text messages, to dig deep into your feelings.

3. Decisions are your worst enemy.

This ties into all the extra thinking we Cancers tend to do. Be it your next meal or your next big purchase, you have no idea what it’s going to be or what you really want. There are always too many options or variables that can’t be accounted for.

Making decisions in this city is hard enough without being a cancer. Why does one city need 1800 different sushi restaurants?

4. You have feelings

So many feelings. If you’re friends think they’ve seen you really emotional, they’re wrong - that’s just the tip of the iceberg of feels you’re holding on to. Again, this is probably because you think too much. You’re often accused of being too emotional or too moody but, let’s be real, when one of your friends has a crisis, they can always count on your ability to empathize.

Each and every homeless person in the city with a dog cripples you for the rest of the day. You feel your heart legitamately bursting.

5. Sometimes you just need to be alone

Everyone needs their “Me Time”, Cancers especially. Considering that most Cancers spend a lot of their time and energy on other people, instead of themselves, needing a day or two to recharge or even mope (due to excessive feeling) is perfectly normal.

Please refer back to the need to decompress with our thoughts on the TTC and our desire to stay in. Toronto is a city full of people, lots and lots of people so cancers need their safe space.

6. You’re a caring, generous and loving person.

This goes especially for the people you care about. If a random stranger thinks you’re the bees knees, you’re loved ones are probably getting double that. Even so, some people like to take advantage of things like that, which is also why they are always reminded of the following.

Caring this much can backfire in a cutthroat concrete jungle like Toronto. It's such a fast paced city that you can often feel very left behind or that maybe your good will towards others isn't being fairly reciprocated.

7. You can be ruthless.

When it comes to the people you care about, you’re the equivalent of a dragon protecting it’s hoard of treasure. Or - more cliche - a lioness with her cubs. All that niceness that has you farting rainbows and baking cookies can easily be translated into being a class A badass. In the nicest way possible, of course.

8. You don’t trust easily.

It can take you some time. Years of being taken advantage of might mean it takes a while for you to warm up to someone maybe even months or years. That being said, once you have the trust of a Cancer, you have it for life.

Again, there are a ton of people in this city and a ton of cutthroat people on a mission. You're smart, you know that well enough to know that you need to take your time when picking the people to share your deepest, darkest secrets with

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