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8 Things Everyone Hates About Yorkdale Mall

This North York mall will definitely grind your gears
8 Things Everyone Hates About Yorkdale Mall

Courtesy: Yorkdale Shopping Centre

For anyone who grew up in North York or the northern suburbs of Toronto, it doesn't come as a surprise you've been to Yorkdale Mall at least a few times. Maybe you had a meal and listened to animal sounds at Rainforest Café or just tried to pass the time on a Friday night as a teenager. But there are some things almost all mallgoers cringe at when heading to this place. And what are they exactly? We'll tell you.

1.So Many Expensive Stores

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Yorkdale is undoubtedly a mall reserved for the rich baller types. Sure it has its affordable stores like H&M, Old Navy and Gap but with that comes more stores that many 20 somethings can't afford. Tory Burch? Gucci? Michael Kors? Nope, I'm cool. I have these things called rent, food, electricity and Netflix to pay for.

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Yes everyone will remind you that you were once a teen yourself but as you get older, it won't stop you from pointing out that groups of teens at this mall are just the worst. Whether they're sitting next to you at the fancy new food court and you can't find a new table  or lingering in front of Sportchek waiting to see a movie, they will find some way to annoy shoppers, usually unintentionally. The most annoying part of them is their lack of volume control. Remember, due to its hollowness, noise travels in Yorkdale. So when getting cookies at Mrs. Fields no one wants to hear about how "Tiffany's a mad babe" or what "Liam and Sarah were doing in the bathroom at that party last weekend." Thanks.

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There's a reason Yorkdale has a GO Transit and TTC station attached to the mall. It's literally a sign from the city of Toronto to not drive to this mall because the parking will be the end of you. Yes, there are two massive parking lots surrounding the mall but finding a spot in these lots is like a board game and by that we mean it takes forever for there to be a winner. Oh and this is further exaggerated around the Holidays. Driving may get your to Yorkdale faster, but it definitely doesn't get you inside faster. Get what we're saying?

Tis the season to be jolly....unless you head to Yorkdale any time in December. Sure the Christmas and Holiday decorations look wonderful but what isn't wonderful is having to be stuck behind a million more people than usual all going shopping to buy gifts for their loved ones. There's nothing wrong with buying gifts but it's rather annoying having to be stuck in mall pedestrian traffic when you're just trying to get in and get out. If shopping at Yorkdale around this time of year, give yourself some time. It's the best warning we can give you.

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WHAT IS THIS?? During Yorkdale's final hour of operations every day, Mac's Sushi lowers the prices on its sushi that,  1.  has been sitting around all day, and 2. it's only half-price when the mall is closing. Sure it's better than not making the sushi discounted at all, but really? Waiting 'til the end of the day to serve discounted sushi that's been sitting all day. It just doesn't seem right.

6. The Security

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Security at Yorkdale, like any other mall, have their duties such as stopping fights, apprehending shoplifters for the police and what not. But they just seem to make everyone feel like they did something wrong for some reason. The stares you get walking past them or, even worse, past the security office located near the GO Transit and TTC entrances to the mall, they just feel really unnecessary.

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If you've been to this mall, you know having to go in circles to find the store we’re looking for is the worst part of Yorkdale. Unlike the Eaton Centre where it’s just one long laneway of shops over three floors, this mall is strucutured to create hell for shoppers. Where you'll have to go in one laneway and turn two or three corners taking up precious time that could be had trying on and buying new clothes, purses, etc. If I had a nickel for every time I had to look at a map or ask the service people to help me find the Apple Store is, I’d be Oprah rich.

8. There's Always Construction...ALWAYS!

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What’s great about changes to a mall is that new stores can come in and gives shoppers a new experience leaving them happy or disappointed. What’s not great is how Yorkdale does it. What is with the people behind this mall always getting rid of stores a year into them opening or renovating sections of the mall to make it more modern ALL THE TIME!! Ironically they're working on an expansion of the mall for Fall 2016 as we speak. Yorkdale is like the person that wants sex on the first date. THEY’RE MOVING TOO FAST. Our advice is to slow it down. Look at how the Eaton Centre hasn’t renovated in at least five years. Take notes Yorkdale.

Moral of the story is while Yorkdale does have its upsides, maybe stick to another mall in Toronto.

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