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8 Things To Do That Will Give You A Major Adrenaline Rush In Ontario

There are two types of people: one type is happiest staying at home, lounging on a couch and marathoning Netflix, while the other type can't seem to stay still and constantly needs something to do to bring excitement into their day.

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If you're the latter type of personyou're in luck because there are so many fun things to do in Ontario you'll never have to worry about being bored. Here are 8 things to do in Ontario that will give you a major adrenaline rush:

Skyworks Balloons // 18 Tannery Ct

Hot Air Balloon Ride (Richmond Hill)

Skyworks Balloons offers hot air balloon flights in the York region area just one hour north of the downtown Toronto core. Enjoy majestic views of the countryside while sipping on a flute of chilled Champagne in an 8-story hot air balloon hundreds of feet up in the air.

Blue Mountain Kiteboarding // 127 Blue Mountain Dr

Kiteboarding (The Blue Mountain)

Kiteboarding is a sport that involves riding on a modified surfboard while holding onto a parachute-like kite that uses the wind for propulsion. In Blue Mountain, kiteboarding lessons can be reserved for instruction on kiteboarding skills, kite safety, wind direction. Get outside and go kiteboarding today!

OWL Rafting //  40 OWL Ln

River Rafting (Ottawa)

OWL Rafting takes its clients to the great Ottawa river that is known for its transition from clear, tranquil waters to rapid currents. They offer excursions down the latter portion of the river, the relentless 12-km Rocher Fondu, in inflatable rafts that can seat up to 12 people. See their website for pricing information.

Hamster Fun // O'Connor Park

Zorb ride (Mississauga)

Hamster Fun offers Zorb rides; that is, the recreation of rolling downhill inside an inflatable plastic orb. You'll get to experience what it'd be like to be a hamster in a ball as you roll, collide and tumble throughout O'Connor Park.

Niagara Glen // 3050 Niagara Pkwy

Bouldering (Niagara Falls)

Niagara Glen is the largest developed bouldering area in all of Southern Ontario. Bouldering is essentially rock climbing without any harnesses. Throughout the Glen area, you'll find several dolomite and sandstone rock formations that are sturdy and climbable. A $20 permit must be obtained at the Niagara Glen Nature Centre before one can embark on a bouldering adventure in the park.

Toronto Windsurfing Club // 2 Regatta Rd

Windsurfing (Toronto)

The Toronto Windsurfing Club specializes in windsurfing activities on the windy waters of Lake Ontario. They offer instructional courses that cover basic windsurfing skills such as uphauling, steering and water safety. Get your blood pumping and join the TWC today.

Horseshoe Valley Resort // 1101 Horseshoe Valley Rd W

Euro Bungy (Barrie)

Horseshoe Valley Resort has a Euro Bungy apparatus that can launch people up to 25 feet in the air. Participants are harnessed with bungee cords on both sides of their waist, and several people can go at once. See their website for more information.

SOSA Gliding Club // 1140 Cooper Rd

Glider Flight (Rockton)

The SOSA Gliding Club gives you the opportunity to live out your childhood dream of flying a plane. They own an airport in Rockton and have a complete fleet of single-seat and two-seat gliders. Instructionals with a certified instructor can be booked at their location.

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