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8 Things To Do In Toronto That Will Boost Your Mood

It's all about feeling good.
8 Things To Do In Toronto That Will Boost Your Mood

Are you feeling down? First and most importantly, don't blame yourself because it happens to everyone! Whether it's the seasonal blues or you're going through some rough patches in life, every person goes through this period once in a while.

The key is to distract and keep yourself occupied. According to proven research, sitting in a dark room will bring you down like no tomorrow, therefore it's important to be surrounded by light as much as possible. Engage in a variety of activities, socialize and do things that make you happy. Remember, happiness is a state of mind - that only you have control over.

Looking to elevate your mood? Here's a list of 8 things to do in Toronto that are guaranteed to boost your mood:

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1. Meditate

 The Kadampa Meditation Centre // 631 Crawford St.

Meditation can help elevate your mood because it will encourage positive thinking and cancel out negative thoughts from your mind. The Kadampa Meditation Centre offers a variety of guided breathing meditation classes that will help you de-stress and disconnect from your problems. The centre is located inside the Buddhist temple, making it the most suitable environment to follow Buddhist principles and find happiness. There's no need to be shy! Just cross your legs, take a breath and ohmmmmmmm.

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2. Go on a romantic date.

L’Unità // 134 Avenue Rd.

Puckering up can be a great happiness helper for many people. Kissing floods the bloodstream with dopamine, stimulating the brain for a natural high. According to research, regular kissing will reduce cholesterol in both men and women. It's an essential substance for the human body, however if the blood levels sky rocket high, it may lead to heart problems.

L'Unita is an Italian osteria & wine bar, located walking distance away from the most romantic neighbourhood in Toronto, that of course being Yorkville. Try some of their delicious homemade pasta, pizza or cannoli, (the best in the city) while sipping on wine and enjoying the romantic atmosphere it has to offer.

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3. Get moving.

Any form of exercise will without a doubt elevate your mood. You may be lazy if you're feeling down, but as soon as you get a move on you'll feel much better because the more you exercise, the more clear your mind will be. According to Science Daily, a study performed by the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry proves that exercising in a natural environment and being outdoors will benefit your physical and mental well-being.

Whether you choose to go for a jog in the city, High Park, or skate at Nathan Phillip's Square, choose an outdoor activity to engage in and feel the energy rise in your body. You could even take a road trip to one of these places for a beautiful horseback riding adventure.

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4. Eat some chocolate

Cacao 70 // multiple locations.

This may not be something new to you, but science proves chocolate makes people happy. Tryptophan, is a chemical found in chocolate that is used to cure depression and insomnia.

Visit Toronto's very own chocolate heaven, to relax and enjoy some of the most delicious chocolate goodies in the city. Cacao 70 has a variety of lip-smacking chocolate to offer whether you're a fan of dark,smoked white and other types to accommodate everyone's taste buds.

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5. Play with a furry friend.

Tot The Cat Cafe // 298 College St.

Animals have the ability to elevate your mood, lower stress and reduce depression. Whether you're a canine or feline lover, take some time and play with a furry friend to find happiness.

The Tot Cafe is Toronto's first and only feline cafe, that allows you to relax and sip on a beverage, while enjoying the company of kitties and listening to them purrrrr. If you'd rather stick to dogs, just hit up Trinity Bellwoods instead.

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6. Have a tea party.

Kitten & The Bear // 1574 Queen St W.

You're guaranteed a great mood boost after drinking some tea. A cup of tea has the ability to reduce stress levels and improve your mood, because it contains theanine, an amino acid found in teas, that acts as a natural stress-reliever.

The tables in the Kitten & The Bear tea room, are dedicated to seated Jam & Tea Service. Enjoy their mouth-watering scones, house made jams and while sipping on tea made in steaming pots brewed from Sloane Teas.

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7. Dance away.

City Dance Corps // 489 Queen Street W.

Dancing is a great form of expression, that is why it's highly suggested to elevate your mood. There are a variety of workshops and studios in Toronto that will accommodate every individual, regardless of their dancing skills.

City Dance Corps is one of Toronto's leading centre for dance and artistic movement. They offer a variety of dance style classes including jazz,hip-hop, lyrical and ballet at all different levels.

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8. Knit something.

Knit-O-Matic // 1382 Bathurst St.

Knitting is a great activity to part take in, if you're feeling down. Knitting can help you elevate your mood because it will distract you from the negative thoughts running through your mind. According to Psychology Today, repetitive movements such as for example knitting, will help the body release serotonin, a monoamine neurotransmitter that helps humans feel calmer.

Knit-O-Matic is like a happy place in Toronto on Queen St. The colourful yarn shop offers a variety of classes that will guide you how to knit scarves, socks, blankets, sweaters and pretty much anything else you can think of.

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