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I’m gonna keep it 100: winter just ain’t my cup of tea. Actually, I retract that statement; OUTDOOR winter activities aren’t my jam. That cozy indoor living, though? I’m ALL about that life.

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Listening to Xmas tunes, sipping hot toddies by the fire, watching pretty snowflakes dance from the clouds... Come on! What’s better than not stepping foot outside and thoroughly enjoying the comfort of your own home? Chilling all comfy cozy in bed while Netflix plays in the background, watching the struggles of the winter play out from your window; let's be real, that's the TRUE way to enjoy a -20 Toronto winter day! And if you're having trouble figuring out some fun ways to spend an awesome winter day, look no further than right here.

1. Breakfast In Bed 

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Ahhh, the ol' B&B! Gotta say, I do consider myself a certified breakfast pro. Breakfast and brunch are my all-time fav meals, so you could say that I take them very seriously and get pretty creative with my spreads.

Whip up a mouth-watering breakfast and head over to your bed to enjoy this deliciousness in the sumptuous comfort of your Benji Sheets. Careful with that pool of syrup, though!

2. Epic Game Night

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Round up yummy snacks, prep some mulled cider, and invite your crew over in their comfiest outfits. Add a few exciting games to the mix and watch hilarity ensue. You'll be laughing so hard that the cider may eventually get to your head and your stomach will be sore the next day. But it's all worth it in the name of FUN.

You'll no doubt be glad to slip into the incomparable softness of your beloved Benji Sheets once your friends leave, knowing just a tad more about what makes you crack up and looking forward to the next get-together!

3. Declutter & Redecorate

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Ever since the hugely-popular KonMari method blew up, most of us have developed a slight obsession with getting rid of useless clutter. And where does clutter pile up most? In our lovely little homes. Wash your makeup brushes, dust every nook and cranny, throw out expired food, meal prep for the week, wrap last-minute gifts; invest time in the universally dreaded yet highly-necessary tasks that often get overlooked with our busy schedules. Trust me, you'll feel much better when you've crossed a boatload of things off your to-do list.

Decluttering (AKA getting your sh*t together) and redecorating (AKA sprucing up your life) are two easy ways to brighten up your holidays. Now that your place is tidy, splurge on a few unique accent pieces to match your new Benji Sleep Duvet Cover Set.

4. All-Day Movie Marathon

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Along with Christmas carols, one of the ultimate holiday delights is classic flicks. We grew up with gems such as the iconic Home Alone series, the hilarious Santa Clause trilogy, and (my personal fav) the tear-jerking Jack Frost starring Michael Keaton.

GEMS, my friends! Absolute friggin' gems that are DEFS worth revisiting by indulging in an unforgettable Xmas-movie marathon. And if this film extravaganza were to be carried out in, say, the comfort of your own Benji Sheets? The whole experience is instantly heightened to a whole other level of relaxation. You can thank me later.

5. Rediscover Your Love of Literature

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Remember when, as avid book lovers, we used to actually set aside time each day to revel in the wonder of the written word? Yeah, me neither. It sucks to admit, but we're so busy nowadays with work and different priorities that our passion for reading tends to fall by the wayside.

My recommendation? Throw on your fuzziest socks, jump into bed, and open up that book you never finished. Welcome it back like a well-adored friend, a long-lost companion. Just try not to pass out while comfortably laying on your luxurious yet affordable Benji Sleep bedding. (Yeahhh, good luck with that, BTW!)

6. Drinking Hot Cocoa

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It may seem kinda silly to some, but sipping on a cup of piping hot, richly flavoured hot chocolate is the epitome of winter coziness. And to really amp up this holly jolliness? Play some soothing music and snuggle up in your ultrasoft Benji Sheets for ultimate relaxation. Spend an hour contemplating all the reasons why winter ain't too shabby after all.

7. At-Home Spa Day

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A little R&R never hurt nobody. In fact, we could all use a little more self-care. Devote a day to pampering yourself from head to toe. Light up some sweet candles; use that special bath bomb you've been saving; slip on a hydrating sheet mask; give yourself a mani-pedi; have a glass of wine. Or two.

By the end of this well-earned self-indulgence day, your relaxation levels will have you aching to tuck yourself into Benji Sleep's mind-blowing bed sheets. That luxe microfibre material against your freshly shaven and well-creamed skin? Um, yes, PLEASE!

8. 24-Hour Pet Cuddlefest 

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One of life's greatest simple pleasures is slipping into freshly washed, softener-infused sheets. But us devoted doggy parents know that letting your newly scrubbed pup jump into bed and cuddling together on your amazing Benji Sheets is a one-of-a-kind experience.

So, for the chronic canine cuddlers out there, give adorable Simba his much-needed scrub-down and revel in his soft fur and awesome scent. Enjoy your furry best friend while he's still mud-free; spend the day snuggling up in bed and giving him plenty of cuddles because he's been SUCH a good boy - yes, he has!

These eight cozy indoor activities prove that winter can be super enjoyable - ESPECIALLY if you find fun ways to entertain yourself and relax at home.

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