Dating in 2016 is fucking weird.  I think we can all agree on that.

A lot of the time we form our first impressions of people solely based on their Instagram feed and mutual friends.  Which is why your online persona is much more important than it used to be.

Gone are the days of Myspace pictures and cringey MSN statuses.  People are taking their social media, and online dating profiles a lot more seriously these days.  If you're looking to amp up your online dating game and get a few more right swipes, this list is for you.

Although if your cheesy pick up lines and shirtless gym photos are working, you do you!

1. Include something more than only group photos

Nobody wants to play Where's Waldo in order to figure out who they are swiping for. If you're really set on including a group picture, move it towards the end of your photos so that people know who they should be looking for.

2. Don't post your height/body type/hair colour/etc. qualifications

This makes you seem like a complete asshole, and yes ladies you are guilty of this as well. I'm pretty sure we have all heard the saying "If you have nothing nice to day don't say anything at all". There is no need to clarify that if someone is under 6 ft tall they won't be considered. Everyone has a "type", and that is totally fine. But let's try to be a little less blunt.

3. Leave the fact that you like "Netflix and pizza" out of your bio

Oh you like the most popular streaming app and a very mainstream fast food?!?! GROUNDBREAKING! You are so original and quirky, WOW.

4. Never include old wedding photos

You would think that this is common sense, but it's not. Even if you look amazing in the photos, that will not take away from the fact that you are with your ex husband or wife.

5. Skip the shirtless Gym selfie / #mycalvins pic

Leave something to the imagination!

6. Please never link your Soundcloud

Being passionate about what you do is awesome, but most people on dating apps are looking for someone to talk to, not looking a fire mixtape.

7. Don't have a profile with no actual pictures of yourself

If there is nothing to look at, you will most likely get looked over. Put in the effort and people will do the same for you! :)

8. There is no need for an emoji-based bio

If you can sum yourself up in "??? ? " or "????" then maybe you need to throw in a few more points about yourself. Your school, occupation, travel destinations, favourite band, books you're reading, etc. are all great things to include in your bio.

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