Halloween is probably the one of the best holidays in the year.

Sure there's always the traditional Party Packagers and other mainstream costume stores but who in Toronto ever follows the standard quo? For those of you who want to represent some Toronto merch with the most outrageous costume, here are a few costume shops to check out before trick or treating season begins!

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Candy's Costume Shop // 685 Mt. Pleasant. Rd

Whether it's cute & sassy to spooky & creepy, come down to this Toronto costume shop to fulfill any of your Halloween needs. Candy's Costume Shop is filled with a variety of different costumes, makeup and accessories to enhance your Halloween experience.

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Theatrix Costume House //165 Greary Ave

This local Halloween costume shop from the 6ix has over 50 000 different costumes and accessories for you check out. If you have a specific vision, feel free to hunt on your own or Theatrix can actually customize your costume and create a unique Halloween alter ego for you to rock on this one night of all that is crazy!

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Amazing Party & Costume Store // 923 Oxford St.

This Etobicoke costume shop has all things Halloween to cater to your interests. It has an astounding collection for both kids, and adults for your silly, sexy or scary wants or needs. Don't hesitate to go the extra mile and grab some fake blood or a creepy clown mask to enhance your costume to the max!

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Malabar Limited // 14 McCaul St.

Whether you want to rent or purchase your new identity for the night, Malabar is the perfect establishment for you to go through. This museum of a costume store will take you back through time with classic costumes to costumes of the now.

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Value Village // multiple locations

If you're not down to spend an entire paycheque on a one night identity, it's no doubt to thrift out your next costume at this beloved thrift store located all over Toronto. Every year, Value Village has a number of costumes for you to choose from for some insanely inexpensive prices!

Whether it be a legit costume itself or you decide to DIY it with other thrift shop finds, the opportunities are endless. But I suggest going in now as people tend to pick out the best costumes earlier on leaving you with fewer options.

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Spirit Halloween // 1563 The Queensway

Get crazy, get wild at this Halloween costume shop in Toronto. Select from a number of costumes, masks, accessories, and other spooky scary finds to bring your Halloween costume to life!

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Theatrics Plus // 658 Yonge St.

This local Toronto costume shop is the absolute place to grab your next Halloween costume, especially since it's right on Yonge St! Shift through a number of different costumes that are sure to knock everyone's socks off and show your local Toronto costume shops some love!

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Reflections, Vintage, Antiques & Theatrical Costumes // 839 Gerrard St. E

Take a trip back in the past and look through a number of antique costumes that are sure to leave an impression. Sport some vintage costumes and attire that will leave have people oohing and ahhing at your one-of-a-kind costume.

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