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8 Toronto Neighbourhoods Brutally Described By Urban Dictionary

Whether you're looking into the latest slang or want to amp up your city vocabulary, Urban Dictionary has your back. Their savage definition of names, locations, and things definitely warrant a good laugh.

If you thought Toronto would be exempt from any savagery, think again. Urban Dictionary has a special section just for the six. Now, remember, it's all in fun, guys. We don't need any offended Torontonians out there.

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Via Urban Dictionary

Clearly not too impressed with the Toronto suburb, this user decided to let it all out. On the list of things to hate: scenery, crime, traffic and the Scarborough LRT. But, if you're into Asian food, this is clearly the place to be. I sincerely hope no one has needed 20 years of therapy for visiting this place.

Jane & Finch

Via Urban Dictionary

You'd be living under a rock if you weren't aware of Jane and Finch's high-crime reputation. Because of this, it's evidently where you're supposed to say you're from if you're trying to act tough.

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Via Urban Dictionary

I have personally never heard Rexdale used in this type of context, but apparently, it can be! However, I wouldn't be surprised if President Bush used this neighbourhood name as a verb, it does seem like a very him thing to do.


Via Urban Dictionary

Uggs and sweatpants? Is it even possible not to love those two things? I guess we all belong in Thornhill.

North York

Via Urban Dictionary

This northern neighbourhood is a nice area in the city. However, according to this poster, you've got to be careful what areas you find yourself in.


Via Urban Dictionary

Apparently "ghettobicoke" is the second runner-up to Jane and Finch when it comes to bad areas. Dilapidated factories and strip clubs? Sounds like quite the party.

Forest Hill

Via Urban Dictionary

This fancy spot is actually where Drake grew up although he claims he "started from the bottom" - based on this description, we definitely wouldn't call Forest Hill the "bottom."


Via Urban Dictionary

According to these definitions, the west end of the city is much safer than the east. In Mississauga, all you need to worry about is "granny pedestrians," apparently.

Source:Urban Dictionary

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