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8 Toronto Remote Jobs You Can Apply To Right Now

Do you dream of a job where you can wear sweatpants to work? Well with these eight Toronto remote jobs, you could make all of your cozy dreams come true. From call centre gigs to online teaching positions, the 6ix has you covered and it’s all just a resume away. 

The list of work-at-home-advantages is already pretty long, but in light of the current COVID-19 situation, there’s never been a better time to seek out remote work. 

Plus, working from the comfort of your couch means stretchy pants and no commuting.

Um, yes, please?

Many of the companies below are based in the GTA. However, a few job postings on this list would have you working with an international team of online co-workers. 

Talk about expanding your network. 

As an added bonus, some of these at-home roles offer pretty flexible hours, which is perfect if you want a specific work/life balance. 

So take a peek at the list below and start sending out those cover letters ASAP.

A new career path could be on the horizon.

Online English Tutor

Salary: $20/hour to $40/hour

Company: iOpenbook Inc.

Why You Should Apply: If teaching or tutoring is your calling, this job with work-from-home options is perfect. The company is currently hiring math, chemistry, and physics tutors as well.

Apply Here

Recruitment Manager

Salary: TBD

Company: Bay Street Staffing

Why You Should Apply: If your main priority is finding a job with flexible hours, then this recruitment position is worth looking into.

Apply Here

Phone Sales Agents

Salary: TBD

Company: Canada Start-Ups

Why You Should Apply: If you're the type who can sell anything to anyone, then an at-home job with this Etobicoke-based company might be the perfect fit.

Apply Here

Customer Service Manager

Salary: TBD

Company: Hopper

Why You Should Apply: Your main goal at this job would be ensuring people have an excellent customer experience when using Hopper.

Apply Here

Senior Partner Resources Associate

Salary: TBD

Company: Starbucks

Why You Should Apply: This is a human resources position with a focus on maintaining Starbucks partner relationships. We can't help but wonder if the role comes with a company discount?

Apply Here

Client Success Jedi

Salary: TBD

Company: Award Force

Why You Should Apply: Imagine telling people you work from home as a Jedi for a living! As the job posting states, "you'll need to be a cool tech cucumber yet be amazing with humans" for this role.

Apply Here

Call Centre Agent

Salary: TBD

Company: Sandman Hotel

Why You Should Apply: If you've got top-notch people skills and can type 60 words per minute, then this could be the at-home job for you. You would be responsible for assisting hotel guests with their reservation needs and questions.

Apply Here

Service Centre Representative

Salary: TBD

Company: Foresters Finacial Services Inc.

Why You Should Apply: In this customer support role, you will have the ability to work from home after completing training and key milestones with this company.

Apply Here

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