There is so much food everywhere in Toronto, but sometimes you spend $16 on a crappy sandwich and it ruins your day. These are eight top restaurants I've visited along Queen West that won't leave you disappointed. With steaming pulled pork sandwiches, burgers that sparkle in the sun and the perfect spice on that jerk chicken -- you can't go wrong with any of these picks.

So next time you're out and about -- strolling the streets of Toronto -- step into one of these lovely abodes and be greeted by the smell of heaven. You don't have to search forever to find the meal you were meant to eat for your last supper and once you find it -- remember to write it down. Although, you won't be forgetting the taste of this food anytime soon.

1. Le Gourmand

152 Spadina Ave.

Everything at Le Gourmand tastes exactly how it sounds. The name "Le Gourmand" just rolls off of the back of your tongue (and so does the delicious food). The specials change every day, but you have to make sure to try one of their chicken burritos. They also have a variety of sandwiches to choose from including a spicy, curry chicken wrap as well as a poached salmon "sammy." Don’t forget to pick up a chocolate cookie from the bakery before you leave (you won't regret this decision).


2. Banh Mi Boys

392 Queen Street West

This place is the s****! I promise you will become addicted to Banh Mi Boys the moment you step in and smell, whatever amazing aroma it is that haunts this location and take the first bite out of your mind-blowing sandwich experience. Yes -- it's that good. Try the "Pulled Pork Taco" with a side of "Kimchi Fries" and you will become a regular customer in no time. The prices are good and the food is better -- so there is no reason to complain after walking out of this joint.


Photo cred - happyfoodies

3. Café Crêpe

246 Queen Street West

We are all used to the dessert crepes with maybe a few slices of banana, Nutella (100%) and a little icing sugar sprinkled on-top. Don't get me wrong -- dessert crepes are amazing, but sometimes savory is where it's at. Café Crêpe has the best savory crepes you'll ever feast your eyes on and they will change the way you think about the "crepe" forever. Try the "Chicken Melt" or the "Some Like It Hot" adding cheese and spice to your plate. You can add all the fillings you want or need to create the crepe that you always desired.


4. Ginger Restaurant

212 Queen Street West

Ginger has so many options that even the pickiest eater will be left with no choice but to find something they like! Try a plate of grilled shrimp, beef, chicken & spring roll on steamed rice for only $7.99. There is no way that you will get this much food anywhere else -- believe me. You can also grab a vegetable & tofu noodle soup to wash down your meal if you weren't full enough the first time. Grab your order number, line up and wait for the feast to begin!


5. The Jerk Joint

238 Queen Street West

Even just writing this, it's making me incredibly hungry. Jerk chicken is my weakness and The Jerk Joint will let you know where it's hiding, as you can smell the spices all down Queen West. With their "Smoked Jerk Pork" and "Boneless Curry Chicken" your senses and taste buds will be thanking you as soon as you begin your meal. Get a taste of Jamaica in Toronto and let the spices and flavor carry you to a whole new world.

The Jerk Joint

6. The P&L Burger

507 Queen Street West

You know when you see burgers on TV and you think to yourself -- ya that's definitely plastic! Then you get all sad about how burgers don't look like that in real life. Well, I can promise you that P&L Burgers will erase all you knew about "the burger" before and bring you the picture-perfect specimen. Get your cameras ready and capture the real deal folks -- this burger is no joke. With "The Fried Chicken" burger and "The Italian" burger, paired with chocolate or vanilla shakes, you are all greased up and ready to eat like a king.


7. To-Ne Sushi

414 Queen Street West

You can't go wrong with sushi these days. "Sushi cravings" are a thing now because people can't seem to get enough sushi. With their amazing "Boat Trays," To-Ne Sushi brings you the best of the best on Queen West. Everything is made fresh and fast, exactly the combination you need for the ideal sushi experience. You'll be eating one roll after the next, until you'll have to be rolled out by your friends after the meal. Remember that our eyes are sometimes bigger than our stomachs -- actually forget that saying and order all the sushi you desire!


Photo cred: Babur Restaurant

8. Babur Restaurant

273 Queen Street West

If you are looking for a great Indian restaurant you can stop your search on Queen West. You can have the classic "Butter Chicken" dish or try the "Lamb Roghan Josh" with lamb curry, ghee, saffron and coriander. With bright, carefully plated dishes and a modern atmosphere -- this restaurant is welcoming and delicious. Between doing private events, corporate events and parties -- this fancy spot has acquired the likes of Toronto's elite. You can even bring your own wine! Any restaurant that allows you to BYOB automatically achieves the 5-star rating -- wouldn't you agree?