Staying on track with your fitness goals is difficult, especially during the holidays. As the year winds down, so do you. You figure because the year's ending, there's no point in starting (or continuing) your work out, and that you might as well get back to it in the new year. But in all honesty, any time is a good time to get fit.

If the regular stuff is getting old for you, you're in luck. Toronto has a lot of unusual fitness classes that you can try out, and they are a whole lot of fun! Who says working out has to be boring?

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1. Twerkout (Brass Vixens) // 721 Queen St West

Yes girls, your dream of becoming twerk gods can now become a reality. Brass Vixens Dance Studio will be holding Twerkout classes throughout all of December, and they're sure to be filled with a lot of booty-poppin', romp-shakin' goodness. The classes will be lead by Shani H, who infuses hip hop and dance hall into her routines. High heels are optional.

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2. Ganja Yoga (The House of Yoga) // 714 Bloor St W

The name of the class says it all - Ganja yoga combines exercise and cannabis for an other-worldly experience. The yoga exercises are meant to deepen your sense of self-observation, while the psychophysical effects of the cannabis are meant to offer freedom and relaxation.

3. Kangoo Jumps (Kangoo Club Toronto) // 7 Isabella St

Kangoo jumps are special space-boot-like shoes with spring action that basically let you hop around like a kangaroo. The classes are led by Dorina Rigo, who is the only licensed Kangoo jumps instructor in Toronto. Sign up for her December 6 class!

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4. SkyRobics (SkyZone) // 45 Esandar Dr

Who says SkyZone is just for kids? The facility holds SkyRobics classes for those looking for a different type of workout. The exercises are all trampoline-based and are designed to help improve your core and strength. Burn up to 1,000 calories an our on their wall-to-wall trampolines!

 5. Circus Arts (Circus Arts Toronto) // 75 Carl Hall Rd

If you've ever wanted to try swinging off of a trapeze, now's your chance. Circus Arts Toronto at Downsview Park offers a variety of circus arts classes for adults (16+). Pick from a wide selection of classes, including aerial silk arts, ground arts, trampoline, trapeze and more.

6. Surfset (Surfset Toronto) // 2481A Yonge St

Surfset is basically a workout that uses a surfboard without water. The board is attached to a shaky platform that forces you to use your stabilizer muscles to get a hold of your balance. A variety of exercises target the core and tone various muscle groups to get you that lean surfer look.

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7. Parkour (The Monkey Vault) // 100 Symes Rd

The Monkey Vault is a full-out parkour training centre that houses 10,000 square feet of obstacles. Before you go out into the real world and start jumping across rooftops, get professional parkour training at The Monkey Vault! You'll climb up building walls like Jackie Chan in no time.

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8. Naked Yoga (Yogi Bare) // 598 Yonge St

This one's for all of you who are truly adventurous. The cleverly named Yogi Bare studio is a yoga class that's done completely in the nude. The classes are open to all people, with a primary aim to provide a LGBTQ-friendly yoga experience.