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8 Useful Tips To Adulting In Toronto

No excuses!
8 Useful Tips To Adulting In Toronto

I really wish there had of been an Adulting 101 elective in school.  I could really use a lesson on tax returns or a quick power point on what cleaning products I can and cannot use on my stovetop.

I can't be the only millennial who still calls home asking my parents copious amounts of questions on how to cook things, clean things, heal things, pay for things, and deal with stupid things.  Luckily my parents have always pushed me to figure things out on my own.  Which at some points I hated them for, but overall I'm glad they were a little tougher on me.

I'm 100% not an expert in this, let me make that clear. But here are a few things I've found helpful when trying to master the art of "adulting".

1. Start (and stick to) a budget

This is the best thing my parents ever made me do. Before leaving for school my parents had me sit down and figure out every single monthly expense I had. Whether that be my phone bill, internet bill, groceries, toiletries, entertainment money, medical expenses, school supplies, etc. It was all documented. Once I had it all laid out in front of me, it finally put into perspective how much money I was wasting on fast food and Ubers. Once you have a physical representation of your money and where it is going you will have a lot more motivation to take the TTC and cook at home.

2. Indulge in Toronto's deals

Being a young adult is hard, especially when it usually comes hand-in-hand with being a little broke. But being on a budget does not limit you, especially when living in a place like Toronto. Whether you're looking for affordable clothing, or wining and dining in fancy restaurants, there are ways to get around a huge tab. Take advantage of events like Summerlicious/Winterlicious , or the sample sales at the International center!

3. Be aware of what is happening in our city

Being blissfully ignorant is no longer cute when you're over the age of 11. Be in the know about your cities politics, upcoming events, and future projects. Staying up to date and being aware of your surroundings is very important, and pretty easy.

4. Remember that you're never too young to hustle

I know countless young people with incredible potential, but not enough ambition. Do not make the excuse that you don't have time, or you're too busy. If you can make an excuse not to do something, you probably don't want to do enough.

5. Comparison is your worst enemy

Comparing your accomplishments/looks/income/etc. to others is a quick way to ruin your day. All you need to worry about is yourself and achieving your own goals. Don't let other people delegate your standards.

6.  Don't move to Yorkville, Liberty Village or Bay St. right away

Yes, those are all beautiful and sought after neighborhoods filled with successful people. But, if you're not financially flush enough to live there, then maybe it's not your next spot to call home. Is a tower view really worth all the financial stress? Wait until you have the money to afford it, and then make your move.

7. Don't take advantage of your parent's generosity.

Although calling mom or dad to take care of your visa bill might be the easy way out for some of you, it's not necessarily the smartest plan. I'm sure your parents are great, and love you a lot. But that does not mean you should take advantage of them, or their wallet. You're never going to be fully independent if your dad is still paying your phone bill by the age of 30.

8. Accept your Fvck ups.

You're still young, and you're bound to mess up. The number one rule of being an adult is recognizing that sometimes you're going to be a shitty adult. Just remember to own up to your mistakes, and always learn from them. You got this. ?

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