8 Water Parks You Should Road Trip To During This Heatwave

It's that time of the year.
8 Water Parks You Should Road Trip To During This Heatwave

There are plenty of fun things to do during the summer, but there's nothing better than spending a hot day at a water park. Whether you're looking for a water roller coaster thrill or a lazy river to flow along, these water parks have it all!

Looking for a place to escape from the boiling hot city? Why not take a road trip to refresh your self at a nice cool water park. If you're not sure where to go and are in desperate need to spend a day soaking yourself in water, here are 8 water parks that are worth the drive from Toronto:

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1. Splash Works // 9580 Jane St, Vaughan, Ontario. 

Splash Works at Canada's Wonderland is the perfect place to escape on a hot summer day because it's not too far of a drive from Toronto. The water park features the largest outdoor wave pool, a 1/4 mile lazy river, over 10 water attractions and cabanas available for rent. You can access the park with a seasons pass or purchase a daily pass.

Travel time:33 min

Distance:37 km

Photo cred - @darienlake

2. Darien Lake // 9993 Alleghany Rd, Darien Center, New York.

Darien Lake's Splash Town has a couple of super crazy water slides. Pulsin' Propulsion will take you down 300 ft in 10 seconds, the racing water slide Rip Curl has 300 ft of run and Swirl City is made of 3 different water slides.

Time travel: 2 h 15 min

Distance: 208 km

3. Calypso Park // 2015 Calypso St, Limoges, Ontario.

Calypso Park is Canada's largest water theme park located 30 min away from Ottawa. It spans about 100 acres and features over 150 water attractions. The fastest and tallest water slide in North America, The Summit Tower is located at Calypso Park.

Travel time: 4 hours 27 min

Distance: 445 km

4. Parc Aquatique Mont Saint-Sauveur // 350 Saint-Denis Ave, Saint-Sauveur, Quebec.

Join the world of thrills at Parc Aquatique Mont Saint-Sauveur in Quebec. There are over 25 water attractions and activities to enjoy and make the road trip worth the drive. You have to try the Colorado River!

Travel time: 5 hrs 56 min

Distance: 590 km

5. Hershey Park Board Walk // 100 Hersheypark Dr,Hershey Pennsylvania.

The Board Walk water park is located in Pennsylvania, but it is totally worth the drive. It features over 15 water attractions such as the Wave Rider, the Tidal Force and the Whirlwind Plunge.

Time travel: 6 hrs 47 min

Distance: 633 km

6. Great Wolf Lodge //3950 Victoria Ave, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

The Great Wolf Lodge is both and indoor and outdoor water park. It's only located an hour and half away in Niagara Falls and there are over 15 water attractions to choose from. Some of the water fun includes, a slide with a 40 foot drop, a water rollercoaster with a 52-foot drop and several raft rides.

Travel time:1 hr 25 min

Distance:127 km

Photo cred - @eastpark

7. East Park // 1275 Hamilton Rd, London, Ontario.

East Park has 10 water attractions and even a Tiki Bar to enjoy refreshing beverages! There are a couple of tube rides, a mat slide, 2 speed slides and the high bullet slide. What's makes this water park different from others? You can close off the park from the public and rent it for $1000 per hour with a group of friends!

8. Super Aqua Club // 322 Montée de la Baie, Pointe-Calumet, Quebec.

Super Aqua Club is located only 30 min away from Montreal. The water park features over 25 water attractions and even has a private beach! From water coasters to rivers, tarzan ropes and high jumps, Super Aqua Club has it all.

Travel time: 5 hrs 53 min

Distance: 563 km

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