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6 Fun Things To Do In Toronto With Your BFF This Fall

Bring On The Pumpkin Spice!
6 Fun Things To Do In Toronto With Your BFF This Fall

We first told you how to make the most of your summer in the city - now we're going to help you bring some of that summer cheer into your Fall.

You may feel the chill in the air, but there's still plenty to do this season! From weatherproof activities to do with friends, to weekend trips a hop away from Toronto, we've got you covered on planning your fall social agenda. 

1. Have a weekend getaway in Muskoka

Cottage season is still here! While it may not be swimming weather, driving up to Muskoka and renting an Airbnb cottage with your pals, or a *special someone* is just as enjoyable in the fall. Pack up the truck and head up for a weekend of bonfires, Baileys-spiked hot chocolate, canoe rides, and gorgeous, cozy views.

2. Go apple or strawberry picking

You may think this is a lame idea… that is until you take a trip to Applewood Farms and eat delicious fresh-picked apples and strawberries. Not to mention, all the cider and strawberry wine you can bring home to sip with your future homemade apple and strawberry pies. Bring on the sweet Instagram pics!

3. Spend your Sunday at Kensington Market

The vibe in Kensington never fades regardless of the season. Luckily, Soul Sunday’s carry into late October so you can eat, drink and get funky in your light jacket.

4. Celebrate Oktoberfest in Toronto

Claim to love beer and sausage as much as the Germans? Now you can celebrate Oktoberfest traditionally without having to fly to Europe to prove it! Head to Ontario Place in your regular or Trachten-inspired outfits, and be prepared to fully immerse yourself in the festivities!

5. Play all day and night at a board game cafe.

Nothing better than sipping a Nutella latte or a nice cold pint while beating your pals at Scrabble. Snakes and Lattes and Castle Board Game Cafe are two great options for group hangs in the autumn months.

6. Explore Nuit Blanche

One of the most-talked about events in the city! Drive around and see all the amazing art installations and activities happening throughout the various neighbourhoods, and watch as Toronto is transformed by talented artists from sunset to sunrise!