8 Ways To Cut Your Spendings In Half In Toronto

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8 Ways To Cut Your Spendings In Half In Toronto

Toronto is an expensive city and it can have you broke in no time if you're not smart with your money. The average cost for dinner for 2 is $70.00 , $13.00 for a movie and approximately $15.00 for a bottle of wine.

How is one to survive and have savings with all these prices? In order to help you keep some of your money safe, I've created a list of 8 ways that will cut your spendings in half in Toronto:

1. Looking for cheap drinks? Ask the Owl

Drink Owl is a mobile app that helps you find cheap drinks, specials, coupons and happy hours in Toronto. The app provides a 7 days calendar which includes an extensive list of bars, restaurants and lounges that will help you save a couple of bucks.

2. Free Bottled Water

An average bottle of water will cost you between $1.50 - $2.99 in Toronto. Well now, thankfully to The Water Brothers you can get bottled water for free! Forget buying water bottles, instead download the Quench app, which will guide you to one of GTA'S 1800 refill locations and water fountains that will refill your water for free! Not will this app only help you save money, but it is also super eco friendly!

3. Ride a bicycle

Did you know that Bike Share Toronto offers a 1 year subscription for only $90? There are 3 other options to choose from, such as a monthly subscription for $18.00, a 72 hour access pass for $15.00 or a 24 hour pass that will only cost you $7.00!!! If you travel around the city a lot you should consider getting around on a bike. Public transportation isn't cheap anymore, take biking into consideration because TTC passes cost $141.50 per month now. You'll be receiving your daily dose of cardio and saving $123.50 per month by choosing the bicycle, $1482 per year.

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4. Get new designer clothes for free.

No we're not talking about Value Village, it's all about Kind Exchange, that is the leading buy,sell,trade and donate store in Toronto. They will accept your used clothing in exchange for their top designer clothing such as Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Chanel and many more. The clothes are all in mint condition and are worth trading in for a new wardrobe!

5. Catch a free concert

The Canadian Opera Company offers a free concert series (until June 2016.) Enjoy the experience of a live concert, listening to a variety of music genres performed by new and established artists. Admission is a first come first serve basis on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at noon. You can catch an evening show sometimes on Wednesday evenings at 5:30 pm too. The Canadian Opera company hosts several free events on an annual basis. Let's be honest, ticket prices can get quite prices now a days. If you can't afford to take your date to a concert, consider taking them to a free show at the Opera.

6. Use Toronto City Pass 

Explore Toronto's top attractions for almost half the price by using Toronto City Pass. The booklet includes admission tickets to six popular Toronto attractions that are valid for 9 days. With this pass you will save a lot of time and money exploring the wonderful things our city has to offer.

7. Go to a Drive-In Theatre

Watch a movie at a drive-in instead of going to the movie theatre. See the latest movies at 5 Drive-In in Oakville on a Tuesday for $7.00 or on Thursdays for $18.00 during their carload special. The drive is about 15-20 min from downtown Toronto and the experience is totally worth it.

8. Get free accommodation

Trusted House Sitters is an online website which connects pet owners seeking for sitters to watch their pets while they're away. If you love animals, need accommodation and don't have money to rent a place, sign up with Trusted House Sitters. For $99.00 per year, enjoy a cozy home, some company and unlimited house sitting opportunities.

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