The SLC is pretty much the raddest new building on campus. There's something in it for every student, whether it be just a spot to hang or a place to study your brains out. The private study rooms are awesome whether you're just studying with some friends or meeting with groups to work on projects (however they do get booked pretty fast).

There are 8 floors in the SLC, each with their own pros and cons. For one thing, the elevators take 5 years to come. You'll probably end up taking the stairs often, which could be a good workout (or death). If you're brand new to Ryerson or you haven't been to the SLC yet, you're bound to get a little overwhelmed by the awesomeness of this building. Here's a guide on how to stay productive at the SLC.

1. The Valley is good for a quick study session.

Have a half hour to kill? Have a quick study sesh on the ground floor. You can sit on the bleachers on either side or you can sit at the small tables at the Starbucks if there are any empty seats (are there ever?) You can also grab a drink if you're thirsty. The ground floor is also a nice place to hang out by yourself if you're waiting to meet someone. Also, the digital device charging station is useful if your phone is dead and you don't have a charger on you.

2. The Bridge floor is pretty much useless.

Besides the bridge to the library/Kerr Hall (okay, maybe it's not useless) if you're too lazy or cold to walk outside. You'll definitely encounter people taking the elevator to go down one floor more than once. Can we call this the lazy floor?

3. The Bluff is a decent place to have a few hours of study time.

The small number of cubicles on the third floor are great to study in if you want to knock out an hour or two of studying. It's great if you have classes in Kerr Hall or the RCC after because you can just walk down to the second floor and take the bridge. The only bad thing about this floor is that it's so damn cold all the time. On another note, what do people actually do in those rooms on this floor?

4. The Garden is only good for quick group meetings.

The 4th floor is a cool place to have quick group meetings, but not such a great place to study. There are only a few tables and the seats aren't comfortable enough for you to want to sit there for longer than an hour. All the student learning support stuff is on this floor if that's what you need.

Photo cred – @aarondawson

5. The Sun is a horrible place to study.

The Sun a.k.a. the fifth floor is a horrible place to study because the sun literally cooks you alive. Hence the name, I guess? There are shadier spots to study here but they're usually all taken. At least the private study rooms in here are pretty.

6. The Beach is great for meeting with groups or working on group projects.

Although it can be somewhat noisier than other floors, the Beach on the 6th floor is a great place to meet with group members if you're working on a group project or even having a meeting. If you don't mind sitting on the floor and getting your butt itched by the scratchy carpet, the corner window area is a good spot. Don't try to write essays here because it's probably not going to happen. This floor is also a free place to chill if you and your friends have nowhere else to go. You'll often find b-boys breakdancing here.

7. The Forest is as silent as a forest.

If peace and quiet is what you need to focus, the 7th floor is the place for you. It's filled with cubicles and it's usually pretty full. It's the only quiet floor in the building so if it is full, you can always try the quiet floors in the library (although they're not as pretty).

Photo cred – Jessica Lam

8. The Sky is good for everything.

I don't know why it is, but I always get so much studying done on this floor. Seriously though, I can sit here for 5 hours straight and finish two essays, a week's worth of readings, and study for a test without taking any breaks. The 8th floor has plenty of cubicles and study tables for you whether you're working on your own thing or on projects with a partner. It's pretty much the best floor in this entire building so you'll usually find it to be full during the school year.