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7 Ways Your Current Lifestyle Is Affecting The Way You Look

Yet Torontonian gals make looking fab easy as fetch.

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Toronto is filled with beautiful women. Everyone looks like a fashion influencer with at least 19.3k followers on Twitgrambookchat. But as the temperature continues to drop, we need to stay on top of the increasing amount of (wind-shield) factors that are affecting the way we look and to make sure our lifestyle and overall health are balanced so as to keep on thriving!

As we are all keeping busy with work, friends, love and just life in general, it isn't always obvious to detect which daily activities are compromising our looks, which is why it is important for you know that there are easy ways to keep yourself looking and feeling great, starting with the pinpointing the activities themselves.

Here are 7 ways your current lifestyle is affecting the way you look:

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1 - 5am Club

For those of you who love going for a jog in the morning to stay in shape, keep it up! Jogging has a number of health benefits, such as preventing heart disease and cancer, improving mental fitness and reducing stress. But the freezing cold and all that dry sweat create a fine reddening and breakout mask as the wind blows away the moisture from your skin! Luckily, adding a few drops of Clarins Booster Repair to your daily moisturizer helps manage dry skin thanks to the healing properties of mimosa tenuiflora extract, so the only flakes you'll see will be of the snow kind!

2 - Plugging into a coffee drip

Studies show that consuming coffee can increase brain activity and productivity, and decrease the likelihood of death. Whatever today’s study claims, I bet it’s not referring to my permanent coffee IV drip, which expresses itself in a strong Einstein hair-do. Don't forget to take time for some real R & R, (it's OK to be a part of Club Sleep for a while) because no matter how great coffee can make you feel, only sleep will keep you feeling and looking your top.

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3- Sauna commuting

The TTC is super consistent with all of its modes of transportation. If you’re a subway, streetcar, or bus dweller, you are guaranteed to commute in a pore refining sauna environment. Might as well take this opportunity to boost and energize your skin: Clarins Booster Energy uses ginseng extract to awaken the tiredness - all you have to do is add a few drops to your foundation or mask to shine on beautifully rather than "porifically".

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4 - Snacking

At this point in the afternoon you are likely wearing your coffee on your shirt and stress on your face. Time to fuel up with the Krispy Kreme donuts that someone kindly brought to the office and some pop from the vending machine! The thing is, your skin hates some of the treats your tummy loves the most. But when sugar-filled products are preventing nutrients from nourishing your skin, you can still look fab thanks to Clarins' Booster Detox!

5 - Working 9 ‘til always

Dolly Parton we literally love you and you can never be outdated, but your lyrics could use some updating. If I may: “Working all the time, what a way to make a livin’.” Working long hours provides the classic double-eye punch look. No, you should not see the other person, there is no other person, just me, my dark circles, and you trying to back out of this conversation. Don't forget to take care of yourself: take a trip to the spa and get a massage to relieve all those tense muscles, or just hang out in the hot tub and finish the book that's been sitting on your nightstand. More importantly, don't beat yourself up over work!

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6- After after parties

Give. *wheeze in... Us… *wheeze out. A chance (pure Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle). We wouldn’t have to workout like “Insanities” if all outings weren’t an impromptu night out of rum and regrets in smoke-filled apartments. Yes, the product in my hair is dry sweat and my skin is asphyxiated! The next morning is the perfect time to rely on Booster Detox, which uses green coffee extract to revive the skin from its being exposed to toxic environments, leaving your face smoother than it was before you even went out. Coffee with a side of coffee, please!

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7- Netflix

You finally made it home after a body torture, stimuli indulgence, calorie-filled day marathon, and passing out could happen, but then Netflix will be lonely. Seven “one more episode's” later…you can either get a four hour sleep or iron tomorrow's outfit. But putting sleep aside in order to get through all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls before their comeback is just another recipe for some major breakouts. Not just that, sleep deprivation negatively affects your entire body. So turn-off that laptop and get some shut-eye, Netflix isn't going anywhere, and they don't call it beauty sleep for nothing!

Toronto gals are tough, but all that daily stress really goes skin-deep. As we are extremely serious about skincare, we love Clarins' lifestyle counteracting Booster line.

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