People travel for a variety of reasons: to lose themselves, to find themselves, or simply to get away.

Sometimes, doing those things requires for you to travel alone. A terrifying concept for some people, traveling solo can often be the best kind of travel. You can really focus on what YOU want to do, meet new people, take time to appreciate your surroundings without being hungover after your friends dragged you out the night before.

Warming up to the idea yet? 


This country was ranked the safest place on earth in 2015! It's definitely the most recommended place for women traveling alone. It's also a great destination for people looking for some head space and internal peace. Between fjords, glaciers, wilderness, sea ice and humpback whales, natural wonders make Iceland one of the most spectacular places to visit.


This country is not only safe, it's the best place to get some inspiration for your Scandinavian decoration! There are few tourists in Sweden so you're more likely to make friends with local people in small cafes.

New Zealand

The perfect destination for adrenaline lovers! Adventurous people can try bungee jumping, skiing, skydiving and rafting while working on their tan. The local population is known to be very welcoming.


This destination is way cheaper than its neighbour, Spain. There is so much to see that you'll never feel alone. The hostels in Lisboa are particularly clean and filled with students. Lagos, located in the Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region, is known for its beaches, bars and golf resorts. Ladies, the country was ranked the 11th safest place on earth last year!

Photo cred - Kenneth Liang


This asian country is very clean and known for its safety! You need to check out Gardens By The Bay (pictured above), do some shopping and eat delicious food and explore it's different culture derived from Indian, Chinese, British and Malaysian influences.


As safe as Canada, Japan is a very fascinating country! You need to mingle while visiting the vibrant life of Tokyo, visit the temples of Kyoto and climb Mount Fuji, an active volcano.

Costa Rica

If you can't de-stress in Toronto, you should book one of Costa Rica's yoga retreats ASAP. This central america country is a real peace oasis for solo travelers.


If your friends don’t have the money to buy the plane ticket, or don’t have the time to explore Asia during a month, you can book a group travel via Free & Easy Traveler. The website offers a few adventures in Asia, depending on your dream itinerary or your budget, with young and cool people.

Czech Republic

This country was the tenth most peaceful country in the world last year. This destination is ideal for architecture lovers and for those who want to live a crazy adventure in a small Bohemian village.

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