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9 Best Tequila Bars To Live It Up In Toronto

When life gives you lemons, take a tequila shot.

Everyone should have a tequila night once in a while because FYI, it's one of the only alcoholic beverages that is an upper. You're guaranteed a fun time when you're drinking tequila because it make people happy!

Tequila is divided into 5 types: Blanco (Silver), Joven (Gold), Reposado (Aged), Añejo (Extra aged) and Extra Añejo (Ultra-aged). The quality is also determined based on whether it's 100%  Agave or Mixed. Once you've decided what type of tequila you want, you have the options to choose between taking tequila shots or cocktails such as margaritas.

There are several places in Toronto that serve different tequila to suit your taste buds and bank account. Whether you're looking for a place to get super shmammered off tequila shots to forget your ex, sip on premium tequila or have an authentic Mexican experience, here are 9 of the best taquerias in Toronto:

1. El Catrin // 55 Mill St. Toronto.

El Catrin has every type of tequila you could possibly imagine. The drink menu has 2 pages of tequila listed, from blanco to anejo,extra anejo and reposado there are plenty of options to choose from! They also have been awarded plenty of times for having one of the best patios in Canada.

2. Reposado Bar // 136 Ossington Ave.

Reposado has an extensive list of premium tequilas in Toronto. Combine your ultimate tequila experience with delicious items off the menu and live entertainment. Try their lip-smacking margaritas or take a couple of premium tequila shots!

3. El Cabalito // 220 King St.W

The name "El Cabalito"(little horse) comes from a Mexican tale about a man who requested for a shot of tequila before his execution. He was served a tequila in a long narrow shot glass, that to this day is known as a Cabalito.

4. Fonda Lola // 942 Queen St W

This authentic Mexican bistro has an atmosphere of a beach-front cantina. The ambiance within the restaurant compliments your tequila experience because many treasures used for decorations have come straight from Mexico. P.S you have to try their margaritas.

Photo cred - @playacabana

5. Mas-Playas // multiple locatons.

Mas Playas is made up of 6 locations: Cafeteria, Cocina, Hacienda, Playa Cabana, Cantina and Barrio Coreano. Each restaurant offers a different dining experience but they all have one thing in common - amazing tequila.

6. La Carnita // multiple locations.

La Carnita has established 3 locations around the city, on College St.,Queen West and John St. The environment of the restaurant is more like a taqueria pop-up , that has a on going fiesta. The drinks menu offers pitchers of margaritas and a wide range of tequilas to choose from. The combination of delicious street food, an artsy decor and lively music will complete your tequila night.

7. Milagro Cantinas // multiple locations.

Every Milagro Cantina location specializes in quality tequila. The cozy house-like restaurants were established by two Mexican born brothers. The prices vary from $4.00 to $45.00 depending on the type of tequila you're having. From mezcal to reposado and anjelo, Milangro has it all.

8. Los Colibris // 220 King St.W

Los Colibris is one of Toronto's upscale Mexican restaurants. If you're looking for a more fine dining tequila experience, this restaurant would be the best option. We must warn you, it won't be cheap but the great hospitality, delicious food and amazing tequila will make the money worth it. Most importantly, the staff will help you choose from 3 pages of tequila to satisfy your taste buds.

9. Grand Electric // 1330 Queen St W. 

Grand Electric is a super hip Mexican spot in Toronto. There are communal tables at this gorgeous tequeria, which creates a vibrant atmosphere for the venue. Looking to have some fun? Head over to Grand Electric!

Where are you going to take tequila shots?

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