Think you've conquered all the best burgers in Toronto? Time to move on to the next best fast food, hot dogs. Toronto is home to some pretty delicious hot dogs! Although sometimes forgotten behind the success of the burger, these places are surefire standouts!

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Are you ready to become the master of hot dogs in Toronto? Look no further than this list of AMAZING hot dog places in Toronto. How many can you try:

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Wvrst // 609 King St W

A King St West favourite, Wvrst has specialty hot dogs with swanky toppings. Wvrst lets you customize your own dog for a unique experience! Pair you hot dog with one of their german beers for a great night.

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Fancy Franks // 326 College St

Of course we had to put Fancy Franks on the list. Toronto's most famous hot dog joint features some pretty interesting hot dogs, and you can customize them however you want!

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Completo // 5 Coady Ave

The completo is the Chilean version of the American hot dog. This restaurant offers these culture hot dogs with unique toppings like: avocado, mayo and tomato salsa.

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Disgraceland // 965 Bloor St W

Disgraceland is home to amazing meals, and features incredible hot dogs. Some have potato chips on top, and they even have a poutine hot dog to satisfy ALL your late night cravings.

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Basa's Hot Dog World // 1175A St Clair Ave W

Their Latin American hot dogs will fill your Mexican and Latin cravings on top of delicious hot dogs! You get the best of both worlds.

Don Don Izakaya // 130 Dundas St W

This famous Toronto Japanese izakaya is home to many traditional Japanese favourites. If you love hot dogs, you have to try their Tokyo style hot dog with pork and kimchi. Delicious!

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Cafe Crepe // 246 Queen St W

This popular crepe joint is home to this parisian foot long hot dog. It's the ultimate dog for hot dog lovers!

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Mugshot Tavern // 1729 Bloor St W

Mugshot Tavern is the perfect place for comfort food and a great time. They have some of the best corn dogs in the city. A perfect match with your favourite beer!

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Katz's Deli and Corned Beef Emporium // 3300 Dufferin St

This deli in North York is famous for their corn beef and smoked meat sandwiches, but the are also home to some of the best hot dogs around! A must try.

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