What's up party people. If you're reading this it's because you know the struggle of the Toronto "dress code" when it comes to clubs. I'm just trying to be comfy and dance and not have to walk bare foot down King St. W at 3:00am cause my feet hurt. 

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Cheers to all the ladies that can still own the club scene in heels. I only wish I was that skilled. If you're not one to enjoy the fancy life but still want to get down, check out this list of clubs to go to with no insane dress code is required:

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The Dance Cave // 529 Bloor St West

The dance cave is the ultimate no dress code club. I've actually seen people here in animal onesies. Talk about no heels required...

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Sneaky Dee's // 431 College St

This popular spot hosts unique dance parties that I recommend wearing something comfy to. The dancing here is no joke.

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The Underground Garage // 365 King St West

This large dance club plays killer music and has some super great parties. Casual attire is encouraged!

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Cold Tea // 60 Kensington Ave

This secret club plays killer dance music on weekends. Located in the heart of Kensington, you can imagine the lack of dress code they have.

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Apt. 200 // 1034 Queen St W

Another Toronto favourite, Apt. 200 is like a huge house party. You'll see some pretty fashionable people here, but heels and a dress are 100% optional.

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Coda // 794 Bathurst St. 

It may look tough on the outside, but Coda is actually a super fun club that plays great music and is tons of fun.

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The Maddy // 14 Madison Ave

Most people at the Maddy are dressed super casual. No need to pull out a fancy outfit for this chill club.

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Thymeless Bar & Grill // 355 College St. 

This lowkey spot is open late and plays reggae music every night of the week. If you're looking to dance but want to chill out, this is the place to go.

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Crocodile Rock // 240 Adelaide St. W

This popular Toronto bar is pretty lenient with dress code. Wear what you want, if you're feeling more casual, skip the heels. Your feet will thank you.