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9 Cute Weekend Trips In Ontario To Go On With Your BFF Before School Starts

Once school starts, weekends become more like week-catchups. Whether it's working a part time job, doing homework or cleaning your apartment that you've neglected all week, by the time Sunday night rolls around you feel no where near relaxed to go back to work or school the next day.

Take advantage of the last 2 weeks of the summer by going on a weekend trip with your BFF to end off the season! Now, you've probably blown your money all summer on partying, cottage visits and nights patio crawling, so you and your BFF are also looking for a cheap getaway. 

Well we've got you covered, we've compiled a list of cheap weekend getaway ideas for you and your BFF to go on before summer is over. 

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Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

There's plenty to do in the Niagara region, and this cheap little town is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Stay at a small bed and breakfast or Air BnB for a unforgettable weekend. Grab breakfast at Stagecoach a cheap breakfast spot, and then chill by the lake! You don't have to spend money to take in the beauty of Niagara!

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Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton is close enough to the city you can even take GO transit, (save that gas money). There are tons of amazing restaurants and spots to gaze at the beauty of nature. If you're looking for a fun cheap activity check out Starlite Drive-In, $11.00 for 2 awesome movies!

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Wabakimi Provincial Park, Ontario

If you and your BFF love camping, there are tons of provincial parks that have cool spots to camp and hangout. You and your BFF can explore by canoe for a fun outdoors weekend.

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Guelph, Ontario

There are tons of amazing things to do in Guelph for a weekend. Grab cheap Vietnamese at The Nguyen's, then head to the Aberyfoyle Antique Market. End the night at Vinyl & Jimmy Jazz for some cool music and chill vibes to end the weekend feeling cool.

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Port Sydney, ON

For a fun BFF weekend where you can relax, gossip and recharge would definitely be in Port Sydney. Visit the Trillium Resort & Spa for a tranquil weekend.

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Port Dover, ON

Have a beach weekend before the summer ends! Grab and Air Bnb by the beach, and get your tan on! Grab some magazines, drinks and spend the day in the water and on the sand. Then catch the sunset at night by the water!

via @laurieann.lavo

Tobermory, ON

Rent this quaint Air BnB for a fun hideaway in popular Tobermory. Explore the Bruce Peninsula and The Grotto. Head over to Flowerpot Island for a summer photoshoot in the crystal blue water. This will be a weekend you'll never forget!

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Burlington, ON

There's plenty to do in the cute town of Burlington. Walk by the water on the Burlington Waterfront Trail, explore the Royal Botanical Gardens and then settle for a dinner at the beautiful Spencer's at the Waterfront.

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Crystal Beach, ON

Crystal Beach is incredible, right on Fort Erie. The water is literally crystal clear, and there's tons of restaurants with patios and drink deals that you can visit everyday. Live a lavish beachy life with your BFF in this cute town while summer is still here.

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