Calling all dancers! After a long week of work, there's nothing better than letting loose and having a blast dancing with friends. If you're looking for a night of cardio, killer music and good times look no further than these 9 dance clubs. 

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These places will definitely have you on your feet all night. Trade your heels for sneakers and get ready to get down! Check out this list of dance clubs to get sweaty at in Toronto: 

1. The Dance Cave // 529 Bloor St West 

The Dance Cave is located at Bloor and Bathurst right upstairs from Lee's Palace. This place never disappoints, it's the ultimate no judgement zone (People come in onesies I've seen it), with killer music and free admission for students with valid photo ID on Friday and Saturday nights, Dance Cave is the place to be for anyone looking to really dance.

2. The Underground Garage // 365 King St West 

The Underground Garage is a staple in Toronto's Entertainment district. The coolest thing about the Underground? They have a rooftop patio that has an instagram worthy view for you and your friends to take pictures on, then go back into the club for more sweaty dance fun. Mondays with Dee Jay Fields McQueen are a must!

3. Sneaky Dee's // 431 College St

Sneaky Dee's legendary What's Poppin' night every Wednesday never disappoints. Toronto's longest running weekly hip hop and party night is a must for every dance fanatic in the city. There's a reason it's been happening for more than 5 years! Whether you're a professional dancer, dance lover or just want to watch the cypher go down, this is the place to be.

4. The Ossington // 61 Ossington Ave

The Ossington has a chill and vibey atmosphere, but the dancing and music is still incredible! The host different Toronto DJ's on weekends, turning the usual weekday vibe into a party. If you're a hip hop r&b lover, they have the sickest music and dance party on Saturday nights!

5. Lula Lounge // 1585 Dundas St West 

The club dance scene in Toronto is more than just hip hop and DJ's. If you're interested in salsa or a latin dance party, this is the place for you! Lula Lounge has different live bands that will fulfill all your Dirty Dancing dreams (minus Patrick Swayze). They even offer dance classes on weekends for beginners to up their skills!

6. Posh Supperclub // 50 Cumberland St

Another one for all the latin lovers out there, Posh Supperclub has latin Saturdays. Featuring music for all styles of latin dance including: salsa, merengue, bachata and reggeaton. They also offer student Thursdays, which are free before 10pm with a flyer. Free dancing? Count me in!

7. Cold Tea // 60 Kensington Ave

Cold Tea is a hidden gem on the Toronto party scene. At the heart of Kensington Market, Cold Tea is a place for all types of people to vibe out to amazing music, and have a good time. Cold Tea has an outdoor patio with incredible art that is perfect for photo-ops with friends. Cold Tea fits in with the artistic side of Toronto, and plays music that will really get you up and grooving! A must go for all lovers of music.

8. Uniun Night Club // 473 Adelaide St West  

If you don't leave Uniun Night Club sweaty and tired, you didn't really dance. This doesn't happen often, because when the music starts playing, you're definitely not going to be able to sit still. Equipped with dancers, amazing DJ's and bright lights, Uniun is the holy grail for a fist pumping good time.

9. The Gladstone Hotel // 1214 Queen St West

The Gladstone offers a variety of events like: art exhibits, launch parties, workshops and of course sweaty dance parties! Gladstone hosts themed parties that are dedicated to popular artists like Rihanna, Drake and Missy Elliot. These parties are the most fun and draw the most fun crowds.