In any relationship, loving someone unconditionally means that you would do anything and everything for that someone, no matter what the stakes are. But how far are you really willing to go for love?

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In Ontario, there are several extreme activities you can do with your significant other, and participation in such could somewhat be considered as "gestures" of affection. Here are 9 unforgettable date ideas in Ontario:

Discovery Dive

Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto

Would you swim in a tank of sharks with your partner? Ripley's Aquarium of Canada offers a Discovery Dive program where you'll get to scuba into the Dangerous Lagoon. You'll get up close and personal with sharks, sawfish, turtles, and many more aquatic animals in this guided program.

Cost: $250 per person (plus tax)

Photo cred - kirstenmarie_xo

Stingray Experience

Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto

Don't worry, these stingray don't sting! Aside from their Discovery Dive program, Ripley's Aquarium of Canada also offers a Stingray Experience where participants will get the chance to snorkle amongst the stingrays! The entire package includes full admission to the aquarium, a behind-the-scenes tour, souvenirs and more.

Cost: $99 per person (plus tax)

Thunderbird Twin Zipline

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures, Collingwood

Do you have a need for speed? The Thunderbird Twin Zipline in Collingwood can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h! At 2,550 feet long and 287 feet above the Niagara Escarpment, you and your partner will be treated to wondrous views of the Ontario landscape.

Cost: $14 on top of admission (plus tax)

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Sundance Balloons, Belmont

Take your love to new heights! Sundance Balloons offers scenic hot air balloon rides in the GTA area all year round, weather permitting.

Cost: ~$150 per person

Zero-G Flights

Swiss Space Systems, North Bay

If you're looking for a really unique date, this is for you. Swiss Space Systems offers 90-minute plane rides that simulate a zero-gravity state. Feel like you're floating in the air without actually having to go to space!

Cost: See website for more details.

Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge

Ferris Provincial Park, Campbellford

Beautiful views are meant to be seen with the one you love. The Ranney Gorge suspension bridge offers such views, and it does so hanging 300 feet above the Trent River.

Cost: $7 park fee

Photo cred - christina_hele

Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster

Blue Mountain Resort, The Blue Mountains

Nothing brings the thrills like a roller does! Blue Mountain Resort in northern Ontario has a 1-km long ridge runner coaster that weaves through hills and forests in the surrounding area. The coaster can reach speeds of up to 42 km/h!

Cost: $16 per person (plus tax)

Inn at the Falls

Bracebridge, Muskoka

The Inn at the Falls is an old bed and breakfast that seems to be haunted by three prominent ghosts. Many past guests have reported paranormal activities within the inn, including moving objects, random cries and odd sightings of wisp-like figures.

Cost: $89 - $119 for various double occupancy rooms.

Polar Bear Dip

Cochrane Winter Festival, Cochrane

Here's a chilly declaration of love - the polar bear dip is a winter tradition in the town of Cochrane in which participants jump into the freezing cold Lake Commando. The polar bear dip is held during Cochrane's Winter Carnival, which occurs from Feb 10 - 20th this year.

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