9 Fancy Things You Can Treat Yourself To For Under $50 In Toronto

We all need a break sometimes. It's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of Toronto life. Often times, many of us are so concerned with taking care of everyone else that we tend to forget to think about ourselves.

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Sometimes we just need to forget the world for a bit and focus on ourselves. Here are 9 fancy ways you can do just that for under $50 in Toronto:

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Her Majesty's Pleasure

Ultimate Manicure

Her Majesty's Pleasure is an award-winning salon and spa that also doubles as a cocktail bar. Though the business caters mainly to women, they still have services for men as well. Their manicures go beyond just your nails - they come with hand, arm, scalp and shoulder massages too!

Cost: Women's - $50, Men's - $35

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Rest Nest

Float Spa

Rest Nest is a float spa which offers top-of-the-line floatation therapy. "Floating" is carried out in a sensory deprivation pods, which is filled with 800 pounds of magnesium salts dissolved in water. Without light or sound inside the pod, the experience allows you to enter a state of deep relaxation, taking away any pain, stress or tension you may have.

Cost: $39 for 1 float per month

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Seoul Zimzilbang

Korean Sauna

Seoul Zimzilbang is a Korean sauna that consists of six mineral sauna rooms. Each room contains a different aerosolized mineral that imparts many health benefits, including reduction of skin inflammation, the removal of toxins from the body and the regulation of high blood pressure. There are also baskets of charcoal to enhance the effects of the minerals.

Cost: $25 admission

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Caffe Demetre

Dessert Restaurant

Caffe Demetre is a restaurant dedicated solely to everything and anything dessert. From cakes, crepes, sundaes and waffle creations, there's so many things to try. If you're a sweet tooth, you'll definitely enjoy this place. Check out their menu here.

Cost: Dessert platters are priced at around $15, more or less

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Kitten and the Bear

Jam & Tea Service

Kitten and the Bear is a cute tasting room that serves French artisan coffees, teas and baked goods with traditional marmalades. They offer a guided tasting service where guests can try out their current collection of jams, buttermilk scones, clotted cream and fine teas.

Cost: $17.50 per person

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Rush Lane

Cocktail bar and lounge

Rush Lane is a great place to unwind after a long day. The bar has an awesome list of unique cocktail drinks, which they produce from experimentation in their "lab". Cozy seating is found throughout the venue. See their drink menu here.

Cost: Cocktails are priced at around $15, more or less. Punch bowls are $45 each.

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Detroit-style deep dish pizza

Descendant serves some of the most delicious deep dish pizza around. Choose from classics like pepperoni or try some of their own special creations. Indulge in a thick deep dish pizza today! See their menu here.

Cost: Pizzas are priced at around $16 to $30 depending on size and type

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Sweetgrass Spa


The Sweetgrass Spa offers a great selection of spa treatments, including hydrotherapy. Each hydrotherapy visit entitles you access to locker service, their spa lounge, refreshment bar, jacuzzis, infrared saunas and their ozonated swimming pool. If you're looking for a day of complete relaxation, this is the place to go to.

Cost: $50 for single hydrotherapy visit

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Cineplex VIP Cinemas

Dinner, movie and lounge

Cineplex has a set of VIP cinema establishments across the city that offer a unique movie-watching experience. Watch the latest movies with an exceptional in-seat dining service and mingle in their fully-licensed lounge for a late night adventure.

Cost: $20 per person on weekdays, $25 per person on weekends, $50 "Hump Day" package on Wednesdays which comes with 2 tickets and 2 entrees.

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BONUS: Scandinave Spa

Blue Mountains spa

The Scandinave Spa is a bonus on the list because it's not in Toronto, but it's well worth the trip! From outdoor hot tubs, heated waterfalls and whirlpool baths, this place is perfect for relaxing this winter season.

Cost: $55

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