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9 Food Trends Of 2016 To Keep Up With In Toronto

Food trends have become a serious movement in today's society. Fortunately, Toronto is always up to date when it comes to the food industry because we have many restaurants that will help you stay in the loop.

 People lean towards certain type of food when it becomes popular, similar to fashion trends. Let's be honest, if everyone is talking about it and has it, you should try it. Here's a list of 9 food trends to keep up with in 2016:

1. Salad Bowls 

A bowl of freshness, that is the perfect meal if you're stuffed after a holiday or family dinner weekend. Salad bowls are without doubt a popular healthy food trend for 2016.

Have it at:The Goods

2. Fried Chicken

Who doesn't love breaded chicken? Fried poultry has been around since the 1960's, but 2016 is the year for fried chicken. The chick is everywhere, it's become so popular, even the sandwich of year has breaded chicken in it.

Have it at:The Stockyards

3. Poké Ay

Poké Ay is a traditional Hawaiian dish that has become a popular food item on several menus around the world. If you're a sushi/sashimi fan, this will become your new favorite meal. Poke Ay is a bowl of chopped raw fish served over seaweed seasoned rice, flavorful marinade and Japanese seasoning.

Have it at:Miss Things

4. Vegetable spiralizers

Chefs are experimenting with different types of vegetables to help carb lovers make healthy decisions. They'll use zucchinis, butternut squash,carrots, sweet potatoes, beets and asparagus to substitute pasta.

Have it at: Live Food Bar

5. Raw Cheesecake

A dairy free stack of deliciousness is one of the most popular dessert trends for 2016. These raw cheesecakes are water based and are made up of cashews, honey and coconut oil. You can find several recipes on Pinterest, Yummly, Instagram and other media platforms.

Have it at: Vegetarian Haven

6. Chronttella

Yes, yes, yes. It's exactly what you're thinking, 2016 has introduced weed nutella. According to sources, you can only get this jar of high sweetness in Canada! Check out more details on the maker's website, Cannavis here.

Place your order online: Cannavis

7. Paella

This Valencian rice dish is made of white rice, green beans, meat or seafood, snails, saffron and rosemary. All the Spaniards will agree, Paella is a food trend you must have in 2016.

Have it at: Patria

8. Slurpee Donut

Thank you 7 Eleven for introducing us to the donut of the year. Usually it's acceptable to have a slurpee on a hot summer day, but you can say goodbye to the summer bod after eating a slurpee donut. Satisfy the sweet-tooth for just 99 cents and find your slurpee donut at selected locations only.

Check out website for selected locations here.

9. Cherry Blossom Frappucino

Yes it's frap, but we will consider it for the 2016 food trend list. Starbucks has introduced a new frap flavor,for a limited time only. The frap is made of strawberries, cream, white chocolate matcha drizzle and powder. There's one problem for us Canadians, only the US will serve this goodie.

Try it: by driving to the US border.

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