9 Foods You May Have Never Tried In Toronto, But Should

My tastebuds are tingling!
9 Foods You May Have Never Tried In Toronto, But Should

The funkiest most fun adventures come when you step out of your comfort zone- and food is no exception! Toronto brings together food from around the world, some might be considered quite strange, but once you've eaten them, you're in for a treat!

These foods can be found in Toronto, and are quite different than anything you have ever tried. Some simply have a twist to the classics, making them just as strange!

1. Haggis at The Caledonian

Where: 856 College St // Little Italy

Type: Scottish

What should you try it: Haggis is a traditional Scottish food that is a classic. This flavourful main at the Caledonian is a surefire treat for your tastebuds!


2. Don Balan at Banu

Where: 777 Queen St W. // Trinity Bellwoods

Type: Iranian

Why should you go: This Iranian dish is served in kabob form, and is certainly not the regular kebob's you're used to having because Don Balan is really, "lamb testicles".

3. Camel Burger at Casbah

Where:707 Dundas St W. // Entertainment District

Type: Mediterranean

Why should you try it: This change up on your everyday, boring beef burger, is just what you need to add a little twist to the normal! 


4. Sea Urchin at Diana's Seafood Delight

Where: 2101 Lawrence Ave E. // Scarborough 

Type: Seafood

Why should you try it: If you're a lover of all things seafood, and thought eel was the freakiest thing you could eat- you're wrong. Sea Urchin is just the kick you need to step up your seafood game!


5. Guacamole En La Mesa at El Catrin

Where: 18 Tank House Lane // Distillery District 

Type: Mexican

Why should you try it: This is no ordinary guac. For an extra $8 you can add crickets to it, giving it a funky texture and real kick. If you're feeling more adventurous, you can also add "chicharron" aka grasshoppers!


6. Alligator Skewers at N'awlins

Where: 299 King St W. // Entertainment District

Type: Creole

Why should you go: You can never go wrong with some skewers for an app. Just add some New Orleans flavour and charm...oh and alligator- that's right! Gator is actually delicious, a must try.


7. Wild Boar Meat at Bellwood Brewery

Where: 124 Ossington Ave // Trinity Bellwoods

Type: Canadian

Why should you try it: It is a highly regarded item on the menu by anyone who visits this location. With a demand so high, you want to be one of those people that says they've "been there, done that"


8. Duck Leg & Waffles, 3030 Dundas

Where: 3030 Dundas St W. // The Junction

Type: Canadian

Why should you try it: 3030 Dundas has some of the strangest foods on the menu. If you like Chicken and Waffles, you'll LOVE this strange, yet fantastic version of the classic!


9. Elk or Deer Sandwiches at Wvrst

Where: 609 King St W. // Entertainment District

Type: German

Why should you go: If you're a sausage lover, your life will not be complete till you try one of the deer or elk sausages at Wvrst.