The environment you study in can reflect you grades, therefore it's important to set yourself up in the right place. Let's be honest, who really looks forward to writing a 5,000 word essay on Shakespeare's Hamlet or preparing for a final Bio exam ? *tears*

In order to help you get motivated during this stressful time of the year, score 100% on your exam and write the greatest thesis ever complete by a human being, perhaps you should consider switching up your study scene. Instead of staying home or going to your school library that you absolutely hate, here's a list of 9 fun places to study in Toronto:

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1. RSquared Cafe // 668 Queen St W.

Colorful lattes, funky art, a beautiful interior and natural bright lighting - all these features contribute to the fun atmosphere at this cafe. Lacking company? There's plenty of seating space for you to get a study group together and yes there is free Wifi!

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2. The Gladstone Hotel // 1214 Queen St W.

Substitute studying at a library for a study sesh at Toronto's boutique art hotel - The Gladstone. The Melody Bar and The Gallery are both great areas to work in, which have comfy couches, spacious tables and of course complimentary Wifi.

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3. Voodoo Child // 388 College St.

You'll find yourself in a magical place as you work away, listening to enchanting music and enjoying the company of enthusiastic baristas at Voodoo Child. Your study time will be super cool, as you sip on a dark espresso out of a skull cup and enjoy the warm ambiance that flows in the air.

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4. Ripley's Aquarium // 288 Bremner Blvd.

After exploring the marine world, get your studying on at the Ripley's Cafe. What a unique experience that would be, don't you think? You'll obviously have to buy a ticket to get into the aquarium, but the end result will be totally worth it! Perhaps Dory and Nemo will give you some study inspo.

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5. Tot The Cat Cafe // 298 College St.

Attention all feline lovers! Bring your books over to The Tot Cafe Cafe for an extraordinary experience. Play with kittens, have a coffee and enjoy a purr while you review your study notes!

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6. Shangri-La Toronto // 180 University Ave

Take a seat on a cozy couch next to the fire place in the Shangri-La hotel lobby. Enjoy a beverage, listen to music and make the most of your study time, while having fun at the same time.

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7. Bellwoods Brewery // 124 Ossington Ave.

Beers and books make a fabulous combination. The welcoming space offers casual indoor seating and has a balcony on the second floor, which offers a great view of the entire brewhouse.

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8. Still Water Spa at Park Hyatt  //

Who said you can't spoil yourself at a spa and review study notes at the same time? Take a seat in the Tea Lounge and turn a boring studying sesh into a blissful moment.

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9. Odin // 514 King St E.

This Nordic-Canadian cafe+bar is the ultimate place to be productive. Odin can accommodate large study groups, has great lighting, a tasteful interior design and a buzzy atmosphere to enjoy.