Toronto is blessed with a vivid and thriving bar/café culture. It seems as if new establishments are surfacing throughout the city every day; with each one constantly on the search for new ways to take the bar/café experience to a new level.

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If standard places like Snakes & Lattés and Track and Field are getting old, here are 9 other game bars and cafés to get your game on:

WAbar // 3 Isabella St

WAbar is an Asian sports bar that has the homey feel of a man cave. There are several things to keep you occupied in the back room, such as a beer pong tables and a designated video game area (complete with Mario Kart and Street Fighter). Enjoy these games while indulging in a satisfying beer or mixed drink.

Roll Play // 10A Edward St

Roll Play is an Asian cocktail bar that once used to be a board game café. Although been turned into a lounge, there are still a few board games that may be lent out to use upon request (before visiting, make sure to call head of time to confirm they still do this as the establishment is currently undergoing changes). The venue also offers various drink specials everyday from 5-7 PM.

Good Game Bar // 2097 Yonge St

Good Game Bar is an e-sports bar that combines video gaming and alcohol. Visitors can view or participate in various video game tournaments while enjoying a nice cocktail or beer in hand. The video games featured in the tournament range from online multiplayer RPGs to first-person shooters, so there's something there for everyone.

Bampot // 201 Harbord St

Bampot Bohemian House of Tea is the perfect place to school your friends in a game of Catan. The venue takes form of a small, cozy house that is carpeted throughout and has comfortable, cushioned seating areas. There are over 160 games in their inventory to choose from, as well as over 80 types of teas.

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Castle Board Game Café // 454 Spadina Ave

Castle Board Game Café has perhaps the best selection of board games among its counterparts. For $2.50 an hour, you can sit in with your friends and choose from over hundreds of board games to play. The venue also sells beers and drinks for you to enjoy during your game.

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Local Public Eatery // 171 East Liberty St

Local Public Eatery is a bar with lots of industrial flair. It features 15 big-screen TVs, 13 beers on draught and a shuffleboard table where you can get your game on.

Pub Chess Toronto // 14 Madison Ave

Pub Chess Toronto takes on a seemingly unusual concept of taking chess, a thinking game, and putting alcohol into the mix. In this particular case, thinking and drinking do mix - in fact, it may be in a player's interest to buy his or her opponent a drink before the game!

Dundas Video // 831 Dundas St W

Dundas Video is a video game bar that has several TVs set up with vintage video games. The bar also focuses on DJs and some live electronic music production, so it's a great place to meet local talent!

The Dock Ellis // 1280 Dundas St W

The Dock Ellis has several things to keep you occupied, from foosball tables to pool tables. The bar serves a selection of delicious craft beers as well, including popular names like the Amsterdam.

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