9 Insane Ontario Adventures To Go On With Your Squad

We got Bieber, we got polar bears; what are you going to find in Ontario?
9 Insane Ontario Adventures To Go On With Your Squad

Go to work, power hour drinks, chill night in, maybe head out, settle for take out.....you've hit a plateau with your squad. Sure you guys are still fly af, as per usual, but you've started to become bored with your typical routine. There's only SO many times you can go to Cube thursdays until you realize, "woah I'm like 5 years older than everyone here". So we get it, you need to switch up your routine sometimes. But where to start?

Not only are we lucky enough to live in one of the most amazing cities in the country (nay, world), but the universe gave us a little extra blessings and put Toronto in Ontario. Have you ever actually thought about unreal this province is?! We have polar bears! We have not just lakes, but GREAT lakes. I don't really know what makes a lake great but whatever it is we got it (and no, this is not an Ontario propaganda rant). Maybe it's something in the water, the wildlife, or abundance of culture and insane scenery that really makes Ontario the perfect backdrop for your next squad adventure.

We're talking real, Ontario adventures that will give you and your squad some amazing memories. Because with everything Ontario has to offer, you deserve to have an adventure this summer that means more than going to a club that's not on King West.

1. Lake Superior Circle Tour via Motocycle // Ride Lake Superior 

Want to ball around Lake Superior like a boss with your squad?! To be honest we never did either until we heard about Ride Lake Superior. You'll ride around the stunning Lake Superior and see not only amazing scenery but local traditions and cultures. You have to rent your own motorcycle and make sure your license, but after that it's up to you to start your adventure. You and your squad can take on the route as you wish, or join one of their group events for an epic adventure.

2. Wine Tasting Tour // Wine Country Ontario 

There's more the wine culture in our beautiful province than Niagra-on-the-Lake (thought we're definitely still hitting that up), and this summer is the perfect time to explore. Wine Country Ontario makes it so easy for you and your friends to have the trip of a lifetime with their route planner. All you have to do is pick the region you want to hit, select the wineries you want and volia: you're ready to start getting rachet the classy way.

3. Hike The Bruce Trail // Bruce Trail, Niagara to Tobermory

Like a fine wine, we like to think that all things get better with age, and this trail is no exception. It's Canada's "oldest and longest marked footpath" according to the Bruce Trail website, and nothing says adventure like a trip to the unreal Niagara Escarpment. We're talking about a natural wonder of the world, views as blessed as Drake, and wild life running as fast and free as you when you run into your ex. Ranging all the way from Niagara to Tobermory there's a variety of options to choose for your hike, from beginner to advanced routes so you and your squad can really make the most out of anything you choose.

4. Take A Boat Cruise // 1000 Islands

The 1000 Isalnds is nothing short of spectacular. But we get it! It can be overwhelming to feel like you need to hit everything. Why not get a view of what these amazing region has to offer with a cruise? Check out the Gananoque Boat Line and Rockport Cruises for some unbelievable options for your summer adventure.

5. White Water Rafting // Ottawa River

On the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of "relaxing" boat cruises, we have an adventure for the true adrenaline junkies. I've been lucky enough to white water raft in the past, and for some weird reason there's something about being hurled down a river that really bonds people. You'll laugh, you may scream but you will definitely leave with unforgettable memories. Check out the Owl Rafting company for more info!

6. The Taste Trail // Prince Edward County

We know we're supposed to take the path less travelled, but when the one travelled is filled with delicious eats and artisan goods we may have to take a rain check. Explore Prince Edwards County's Taste Trail to check out some delicious eats by the locals that created them. Make this journey as short (or long) as you want and get ready for some much deserved indulgence! Thinking of where to stay? Why not the Drake Devonshire Inn, an extension of the infamous Drake hotel. It's on the Taste Trail list, and the quality speaks for itself as to why, but don't take our word- find out for yourself.

7. Go Biking Around Wolfe Island // Kingston

Wolfe Island is the closest we'll get to a slightly more nature lovers version of the Gilmore Girls set. It's an adorable yet stunning island right off of the heart of downtown Kingston. Easily accessible by ferry, take your crew, your bikes and your cameras to this Ontario treasure. You can rent bikes from Ahoy Rentals, and check here for all the bike routes (and accommodation if you feel like you never want to leave) that you'll need! They also have a ton of other things to do on the island, like fishing, golfing, lounging on Big Sandy Bay; being stranded on an island never sounded so good.

8. Go Geocaching // Bayfield, Georgian Bay

Pretty much the equivalent to an adult treasure hunt, get ready to unleash your inner Jack Sparrow. Georgian Bay is known for geocaching, which is where you look for a variety of hidden objects using anything that has a GPS (thank you cell phones!). You receive coordinates when you pick your adventure, and then work with your squad to find different objects and locations. All you have to do is head over to geocaching.com and look up Bayfield for a variety of adventures waiting for you! Bayfield has a ton of options, but since geocaching has picked up popularity you can really choose anywhere in Ontario to start your adventure. There's even geocaching events you can check out.

9. Twin Zip Line // Collingwood

Scenic Nature Caves will hook you up with whatever adventure you're craving. For an unreal summer adventure we're hitting up their Twin Zip Line that'll send you down a vertical drop of 287 ft and across a distance of 2550 ft right beside your BFF. It's the longest twin zip line in Canada! Not your thing? Try their other options! From gemstone mining, a tree top canopy walk, suspension bridge and so much more you and your squad can be guaranteed a heart racing day (and not just because you matched with your office crush on tinder).

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