Anyone who says they "never get crazy" just hasn't been through an awful breakup yet. Heartbreak can do a funny thing to our emotions and make even the most sane of people become downright psycho. 

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If you've ever behaved, ahem, unfavourably to an ex post-breakup, you are NOT alone. Here are 9 of the most savage (okay, psychotic) things that people have done to their exes. 

"After my ex dumped me, I was completely heartbroken. I had his favourite sweater at my house, and when he came to collect his stuff, I didn't put it in there. Instead, I cut it up into a bunch of tiny pieces and burned them in my backyard. I know this sounds crazy lol so don't judge.

When he asked for the sweater a few weeks later, he came to my house and I gave him the burned pieces in a ziploc bag. He looked at me with true fear in his eyes and left quietly."

"I spread it around that he had a small dick. I really spread it EVERYWHERE, including to his roommates. I mean, it wasn't not true."

"When we broke up, he told me three people that were "off limits" for me to hook up with. These were mostly guys he was always nervous about or got jealous over. So of course I made it my mission to hook up with all three ASAP."

"Back when I was in my immature party phase, I was hanging onto an old high school boyfriend even though I desperately wanted to be single. The first night I got to university, I cheated on him.

The next day, when we met to talk, he told me he could forgive me, and that we could stay together, but I told him it was done. Even though I was the one who cheated. Yikes."

"When she told me that she had cheated on me with her guy friend I had always been nervous about, I went into a rage and flushed her pet beta fish down the toilet. I'm definitely not proud of it."

"My ex always hated my fake nails because he thought they were "tacky." He asked me to come out to his car to end things because his feelings weren't progressing and "he never felt like he was in a relationship" (we dated for 10 months). I was so shook I started clawing at him with the nails he hated so much haha. He probably realized he dodged a bullet because I'm crazy AF."

"My roommates and I egged his house. Was it immature? Yes. Did it make me feel better? Definitely."

"My ex girlfriend was constantly bitching about her supposed best friend, saying awful things about her appearance and personality. After she dumped me, I told her friend everything. Needless to say, they're no longer friends."

"I kissed his best friend in front of him on New Years! Happy 2017, asshole."