Going out in Toronto gets super tiring. It's expensive, time consuming and can sometimes go horribly wrong. What's a Torontonian to do when you don't really have the desire to go clubbing, but you still want a fun night out?

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If you're not the clubbing type or are just interested in doing something a little different, check out this list of things to do in Toronto that aren't crazy and wild. 

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1. The Rec Room // 255 Bremner Blvd

Toronto's newest spot will certainly bring out your inner child. With tons of games and activities, you're sure to have a fun night here.

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2. SPiN Toronto // 461 King St. W

This ping pong bar is exactly what you need tonight. Grab your friends and have a mini tournament. Loser pays the bill!

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3. Get Well Bar // 1181 Dundas St. W

Vintage arcade games? Say less. Get well bar is perfect for having a chill night out with your friends.

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4. Snakes & Lattes // 600 Bloor St. W

This popular board game cafe is open till 2am, and serves alcohol too! The perfect night out for some stiff competition, and good conversation.

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5. The Ballroom Bowl // 145 John St.

The Ballroom is a super popular place to go out in the Queen West neighbourhood. If you love bowling and a good time, this is the place for you.

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6. Power Up Game Bar // 38 Wellington St. E

Power Up is a super cool underground bar that is lit (literally). Finally a place in the city where you can combine a love of drinking and video games.

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7. Bar + Karaoke Lounge // 360 Yonge St. #2

Grab your friends, book a room and have a mini Canadian Idol contest tonight! 10 bonus points for performance!

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8. Docks Drive-In // 176 Cherry St.

Or if you're not into drinking and going out at all, check out this Toronto drive-in for a movie and a chill night.

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9. Tequila Bookworm // 512 Queen St. W

This cool bar and late night eatery is awesome and chill. 3 words: Food until 2am. We're there!