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9 Places You Can Get Delicious Gluten Free Meals In Toronto

where's all my gluten sensitive people at?!
9 Places You Can Get Delicious Gluten Free Meals In Toronto

It is safe to say Toronto is a pretty health conscious city. Whether it is because more and more people are becoming "gluten sensitive" or because our Instagram feeds are just bombarded with beautiful bods we strive to achieve, gluten free...and basically everything "free" restaurants and cafes are popping up all over the place.

Toronto is definitely one of those cities with new healthy spots opening up every few weeks. So, if you are actively looking for some new healthy spots to take your bestie or significant other to, the following list of places are great options for the gluten sensitive Torontonian.

Almond Butterfly Bake Shop // 100 Harbord St.

Naturally, a sweet treat shop had to be the first on the list. One of the hardest things for every healthy and gluten free individual is the lack of ability to eat desserts and pastries. Almond Butterfly offers cupcakes, scones, muffins, cake, cookies and many more delicious options that are gluten free with some dairy free, vegan, and paleo options!

Fresh // 147 Spadina Ave

What started out as a travelling juice bar, has turned into one of Toronto's leading restaurants in vegan and gluten sensitive food. Aside from their main menu, Fresh has a very extensive gluten free menu that looks amazing. Check out some of their delicious and healthy "fresh bowls". Also located: 894 Queen St. West, 326 Bloor St. West, and 90 Eglington Ave.

The Beet // 2945 Dundas St. West

This all organic eatery offers gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options. One of the huge plus sides to The Beet is that they serve all day breakfast! They also have a delectable kids menu because it is never to young to start a healthy lifestyle. Let your server know if you are celiac and they will prepare your meal accordingly.

Photo cred - @kipfertkim

Kupfert & Kim // 100 King St. West

Ever wonder where to get those smoothie bowls everyone has been posting on Instagram? This is the spot! The first sentence you will read when clicking *about* on their website is: WE ARE VEGAN. WE ARE GLUTEN FREE. They state that fast food shouldn't mean bad food they couldn't be more right. Fun fact: they will give a 35 cent discount on any beverage or meal where someone brings their own container to use.

Rawlicious // 2122 Bloor St. West

Everything they serve is gluten free, dairy free, and refined-sugar free! Rawlicious offers a series of uncooked healthy meals that prove you don't have to use modern day cooking appliances to create an enjoyable meal. They are also famous for their delicious cleanse packages that range from simply raw food to strictly juice.

Chocolada // 180 Steeles Ave. West

Because gluten free people have birthdays and get married too. This spot makes beautiful and delicious baked goods. Do not hesitate to call and place and order in advanced, as they are fully capable of delivering gluten free creations that are just as beautiful as the cake in the photo above.

Hogtown Vegan // 1056 Bloor St. West

Originally made famous for their amazing vegan burritos, this spot also offers quite a few gluten free menu options. If you have any concerns about the dish you are interested in ordering, talk to your server as they will steer you in the direction of all their gluten free meals that are available.

Live // 264 Dupont St.

Their entire menu is organic, gluten and wheat free with no refined sugars. They believe that "the only way food should be processed is by the human body". Who ever said a burger couldn't be healthy? This spot has a ton of healthy substitutes for all the meals you thought you'd have to miss on your health kick.

Photo cred - @cardinalrule

Cardinal Rule // 5 Roncesvalles Ave.

The menu here clearly identifies which meals are gluten free options. Sign me up for some of those gluten free nachos. Yum! Enjoy Taco Tuesdays where each taco is only $3 each.

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