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7 Toronto Private Clubs You Can’t Get Into

Sorry, members only.
7 Toronto Private Clubs You Can’t Get Into

There is something that appeals to us about the exclusive. 

We want to know more about these places: How do we get in? Who goes to them? Why are they so great anyways? So it's no wonder that a city as vibrant and cool like Toronto has so many exclusive spots that require very special credentials to get in. Often times it's simply a fee,  but others who you know and what you do and maybe even what you look like is also a factor.

So what are some of Toronto's most exclusive clubs we would all love a chance to visit? : 

1. The Toronto Club

The Toronto Club is the oldest private club in the city, dating back to 1837. This is no doubt the hardest and most private club to get in to. Very little is known about what happens behind the doors of the Toronto Club, but the club has seen members like Galen Weston and Fred Eaton over the years. What else is known about the ultra-exclusive club? According to Toronto Star, to even be considered one must know at least 5-10 existing members, and if you are accepted you must pay an initial fee of $25,000 and then annual fees of $2,500.

2. The SoHo House

This London-based private club, which has clubs in 10 other cities across the world (including London, Berlin, and NYC), opened just beside the Shangri-la Hotel a few years ago. The annual memberships are roughly $1, 800 and this will grant you access to the beautiful facilities, which include a screening room, fitness centre, pool, spa, meeting rooms, ballrooms and valet parking. The access to the rooftop bar alone is reason enough to get the membership: the view is amazing!

3. The Spoke Club

The Spoke Club is a members-only club, where for $800 a year, plus a one-time fee of $500, you are granted access to a space with like-minded individuals “with an interest in media, entertainment and the arts”. The facilities include several lounge areas, event spaces and a beautiful rooftop. But hold your horses, even if you’re willing to shell out the $ to become a member, you have to meet the applications requirements and explain how you connect with the artistic world…as well as, name your favorite book. Harry Potter might not be a suitable answer.

4. The Boulevard Club

You have likely seen this club while driving down the Gardiner heading West, and have maybe even wondered what it was. It has a prime Lakeshore location, making it Toronto’s only waterfront private sports, recreation and family club. The club is very sports-oriented and offers a variety of facilities dedicated to activities like tennis (there's 11 tennis courts!),badminton, lawn bowling, yoga, yachting, dragon boating, and many many more. The club is also great for social gatherings and has played host to many weddings. Cheers!

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5. Toronto Temperance Society

This is the best kind a members-only club: a drinking club. This club is for people who truly appreciate the art of a well-made cocktail, or as they put it "the art of drinking well". For$25 a month, you too can try and secure a spot at the TTS, a place of learning when it comes to anything alcohol related. From absinthe tastings, to seminars on alcohol, this club is for those of us who crave more than just throwing back jaggerbombs on King St on a Friday night.

6. The National Club

The National Club was originally the home of the Canada First Party, back in 1874. However, over time it became a non-political club and is now located at 303 Bay Street. The club includes a 50,000 bottle wine cellar, dining and bussiness facilities, as well as guest suits. The members often throw theme nights, as well as oyster parties....Aww shucks, wish we could join. (Oyster lovers better get that joke...). To become a member, you will need a recommendation from an existing member before meeting with two members of the Board of Directors.

7. Sher Club

We doubt Drizzy had any problems getting into any of the other clubs on our list, but in true Drake fashion, he created his own. Sher Club, named after his late grandparents, is a members-only club in the ACC, most likely to give himself a place to pre-game and after-party for Raptor's games. How does one become a member? We have no idea, but you can test your luck and contact the club here.

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