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9 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $40 That Your Friends, Family, And Coworkers Will Actually Like

Gift cards are strictly prohibited.

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True story: Christmas ain't always hot cocoa and sparkly stockings. With the all-too-real struggle of figuring out what to buy for a list of people without becoming broke AF, holiday shopping can be hella stressful. And it can REALLY add up, especially for those of us experiencing firsts (living on your own, a first pet or a newborn, etc).  

But there's no denying that nothing's more satisfying than nailing the perfect gift and seeing that elated glow on someone's face. The only thing that surpasses such holly-jolly triumph is knowing that you at least earned awesome rewards points with your frantic purchases.

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With the no-annual-fee President’s Choice Financial World Elite Mastercard, you get 30 PC Optimum points for each dollar you spend (AKA free groceries, Esso gas, Shoppers Drug Mart purchases, etc!). The President’s Choice Financial World Elite Mastercard is your ultimate tool to earn and redeem this holiday season. You’re defs gonna be the star this Christmas when it comes to gift-giving and points-earning... KACHING!

Before becoming a victim of festive burnout, check out these nine Secret Santa gifts under $40 that won't break the bank and will still earn you the title of Best Gift Giver.

1. Essential Oil Diffuser

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The ideal present for someone who needs to chill out and relax. Essential oil diffusers boast countless therapeutic benefits: promoting better sleep, clearing lungs, cleansing your space, and just plain smelling awesome - the list goes on!

Nowadays, these healing babies are so popular that tons of inexpensive, cute, colour-changing options are available throughout the city - you can even get some really cute ones at Toronto's Saje Natural Wellness. Once you've made your choice, don't forget to use your PC Financial Mastercard to earn points and shop smart this Christmas.

2. A Scratch Map

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For your travel-obsessed friends, or even those just starting to build up their travel bucket lists, a scratch map is legitimately the perfect idea. For just under $40, you can get your hands on a world map that's not only beautiful and easy to display, but interactive, too. All your Secret Santa has to do is scratch off the spots they've visited as they go!

Plus, helpful hint, if you use your PC Financial Mastercard to order your Secret Santa's map, you'll also get a helping of points - which can help you out with other gifts or, you know, with treating yourself.

3. Lush Bath Products 

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Just stepping foot into Lush and being enveloped in its overwhelmingly GLORIOUS scents will instantly calm your gift-giving fears and hype you up into the giving mood! For the more experienced present connoisseur, pick out a few frothy bubble bars, explosive bath bombs, and sumptuous body conditioners, bundle them up real pretty and call it a day! If you're a no-nonsense kinda Santa, then Lush's pre-chosen sets full of Christmas-scented goodies are a surefire win!

With the PC Financial Mastercard, swipe guilt free knowing that you're spoiling a loved one while treating yourself to rewards points, too!

4. Mobile Accessories

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For your tech fam, visit The Mobile Shop and gift them a brand spankin' new charger or a sleek phone case - practical yet highly appreciated options! The helpful Mobilist team at any Loblaws or Real Canadian Superstore will make choosing the best cell accessories a breeze.

Use your PC Financial Mastercard with a clear conscience at The Mobile Shop knowing that you're maximizing your return by earning triple the PC Optimum points for every dollar you spend - GO, YOU!

4. Adult Party Games

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Nothing brings people together and gets a holiday celebration LIT like a good ol' adult party game! For raunchy, hilarious fun, offer someone one of these bad boys and watch your Christmas party turn into an unforgettable night of debauchery.

Adult party games like What Do You Meme and Cards Against Humanity (to name a few!) will have you raising an eyebrow and doubling over as you discover a side of someone you never imagined existed in the very deep, dark recesses of their perverted soul. You can grab your new favourite board game at Toronto spots like F.G. Bradley's, for example!

5. Candles

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Lighting a scented candle in your home is the epitome of Christmas coziness. For iconic scents, check out Bath and Body Works' bestsellers (Marshmallow Fireside FTW!).

If you're looking for a more sophisticated option with grown-up vibes, Life At Home's candles are a stunning MUST that not only smell amazing, but also look like legit home-decor accent pieces. And the best part? They're available throughout Toronto at Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart!

6. Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Basket

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I'm a huge fan of handpicking my fav holy-grails and creating personalized gift baskets. For a crowd-pleasing, cruelty-free cosmetics present, throw in a Pixi Glow Tonic, an Essence Lash Princess mascara, and a NYX blush, and witness a makeup kween's face light up when they rip open their gift!

Shoppers Drug Mart is a go-to for trusty, affordable products, plus you can rack up 45 points per dollar by using your PC Financial Mastercard here (AKA tons of points to splurge on your own drugstore purchases!).

7. Ornaments

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One of the longest-held Christmas traditions in my family is giving ornaments. There's something really special about offering someone a beautiful and meaningful piece to hang on their beloved tree!

Life At Home, PC's resident home decor brand, sells legit stunning Christmas tree ornaments - and is just one of the places where you can use your PC Financial Mastercard to simultaneously choose a unique ornament and rack up points.

9. Trendy, Cute Water Bottles 

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Giving your Secret Santa pick the gift of hydration is something that can only be described as priceless. Altruistic, even. There are TONS of beautiful water bottles out there that you can gift, but some of the coolest ones are the S'ip bottles. Made by S'Well, S'ip has the same triple-walled isolation that keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12... but at a fraction of the cost.

Although you can find these fun bottles at Indigo, where - pro tip - you can use your PC Financial Mastercard to rack up some pretty sweet points for yourself (because, TBH, altruism is cool but points are better).

With these nine fire gift ideas under $40 and PC Financial Mastercard, you'll be giving AND earning like a pro during the holidays! Listen, you're gonna end up spending money either way, so why not slay your Secret Santa game while getting PC rewards points that you can use towards purchases at any PC-affiliated store later on?

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We all know that the holidays ‘tis the season of giving, but with PC Financial, it can also be a prime time to score points and save like the BOSS Xmas shopper you are. Splurge on a little something for yourself with those PC points, why don’t you? After all, not everyone is a skilled gift-expert like you!

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