Let's face it, most of the partying happens in Toronto because of the countless clubs and festivals that they have going on there, but we don't all live in the city so we can't reap the benefits. It can be a real struggle to party in Toronto... okay not so much the partying part, but to get there and go back. You definitely face these struggles every time you go to party, if you don't live in the city.

Photo cred- Wikimedia Commons

1. Paying a fortune to take the bus/train to Downtown Toronto

When you live far from the city, you have to take the Go Bus or train just like everyone else. Of course, that isn’t cheap. It costs approximately $20 to go to Union Station and back from your city, if you live as far as Brampton. That doesn’t even include your hometown transit fees, or the fare for the TTC. Hope you broke that $10 bill.

Photo cred- Isabelle Catherine

2. Commuting is time consuming

It can take some time to reach the downtown core. Long bus drives? Yawn. Bumper-to-bumper on the Gardiner Expressway? Rage. That doesn’t even include delays, which are unavoidable during peak party times. There is nothing worse than waiting for the 36 Finch while awkwardly standing in your fabulous outfit with normally-dressed people around you.

Photo cred- Samantha Beskorovayny

3. When you're on fleek (but everyone else isn't)

Speaking of your fabulous outfit, living far means you will find yourself sitting in the bus dressed in clubbing clothes around 7 p.m. (or earlier depending on if you’re going to pre-drink with your friends or not.) The awkward stares you get from the people who are still on their pencil-skirt clad Friday commute home do not make you feel comfortable. Stop staring!

Photo cred- Kino Studios

4. If you drive, say bye to getting drunk

You own a vehicle? That’s great! Not only will you have to say no to drinking tonight, but you will probably have to drive everyone home too (but we salute you, for being the sober driver. You’re a hero).

Photo cred- Robot Cosmonaut

5. The parking game

Finding a parking that is close to your club or event destination is like a game. Or, more accurately, a hunt. The King-Queen-Adelaide area is already a nightmare to drive through, never mind finding parking. Will you find somewhere close? Will it be super expensive? Will you have money for at least a beer later? No one knows.

Photo cred- Dirty Blonde

6. Traffic and road closures

No, just no. Stop trying to ruin my life. This is when your friends start calling you and start yelling at you for giving them the same excuse for the last two hours saying, “I’m still on my way.” It’s not my fault that the construction on Front and Bay is eternal.

Photo cred- Delphine Black

7. The subway stops running early

So you live in the city (or its outskirts), and you don’t have to take the Go Bus or train. That’s great! Except the subway closes at 1:30 a.m. so you better say bye to your friends now and catch that train.

8. And so do buses in your hometown

The suburbs don’t have a thriving nightlife like the city — obviously, that’s why you’re leaving for the night — so don’t be surprised that most buses stop running at, say, around midnight (I’m looking at you, Mississauga transit). If you plan on going home tonight, be prepared to leave even earlier. Also be prepared for all the “Aw, is it past your bedtime?” jokes.

Photo cred- @romandiya_

9. What do you do when you’re stranded?

So you missed your bus. You have no friends who live in the city. A hotel is out of your budget. And there’s no way you’re sawing off an arm and a leg for a one-hour taxi ride home. Let’s not forget that you’re not in the most comfortable clothing and your makeup is borderline running down your face at this point. You don’t know if it’s because you're drunk, or because it’s 4 a.m. but that alleyway behind Uniun Nightclub is starting to look awfully comfy.