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9 Super Authentic Restaurants That Will Take You Around The World In Toronto

One of the greatest ways to become familiar with a culture is to taste their traditional dishes. Toronto being the diverse city that it is, fortunately provides us with the opportunity to try and explore different flavours and dishes from a variety of places around the globe.

Some of these cuisines have certain ingredients in common, however they taste completely different, but it never hurts to try right? If you're one who is into culture and is willing to explore the variety of foods different countries have to offer, here's a list of 9 super authentic restaurants that will take you around the world in Toronto:

1. Banjara // 796 Bloor St. W

Enjoy finger-licking north and south Indian food at Banjara. You're guaranteed a fulfilling feast as they offer over 20 items on their all-you-can-eat lunch menu and an a-la-carte dinner that features over 70 items. Biryanis, curries, sizzlers, samosas, pakoras and a variety of other dishes that are all of course served with freshly baked naan bread.

Popular dishes: biryani (flavored rice), tandori sizzlers, baingan bharta(eggplant), masala and many more.

2. Schnitzel Queen // 211 Queen St E.

If you're looking for the best Schnitzel in the city this is the place to go. The family owned restaurant has been serving mouth-watering schnitzels for the past 27 years, that come in multiple sizes to accommodate your preferences.

Popular dishes: king schnitzel sandwich, Vienna schnitzel, potato salad, sauerkraut.

3. Tita Flips // 707 Dundas St.W

Filipino food is straight up bomb. Many dishes vary from being made with really simple ingredients to more elaborated meals with origins from the Spanish cuisine such as paellas and cocidos. You can find all these delicious meals at Tita Flips, the best Filipino restaurant in Toronto.

Popular dishes: longganisa (Philippine sausage), lumpia (egg rolls), lechon (roasted pig) and many more.

4. Nami  // 55 Adelaide St. E

 Take a trip to Japan as Kimono-clad servers provide exceptional service at Nami. You can reserve a private booth or the exclusive Tatami room that is concealed with rice-paper screened doors. Their seafood comes from different parts of the world on a daily basis and you can experiment by trying other authentic dishes such as nabes (hot pots) and rabatas( dishes served on a grill).

Popular choices: hirame usuzukuri (sashimi), agedashi (tofu), shabu shabu (hot pot), yosenabe (hot pot)

5. Ethiopiques Restaurant // 227 Church St.

Eat your food in an extremely authentic way at Ethiopiques - that is, with your hands of course. The menu is inspired by traditional Ethiopian cuisine and it sure is delicious. If you're a huge spicy lover, you're going to love this place.

Popular choices: w'ot (meat stew) served on injera (sourdough bread), bayenetu (vegetarian platter) mesir wot ( lentil stew).

6. The Sultan’s Tent and Cafe Moroc // 49 Front St.E

Enjoy traditional Moroccan cuisine along with belly dancers by your side at the Sultan's Tent. Have the ultimate Morrocan experience, as you dine in tents and enjoy delicious cuisine that is inspired by a variety of Mediterranean cultures. Make sure you try one of their tagine dishes, that is a traditional clay pot cooking method popular in Moroccan cuisine.

Popular choices: coussous salad, zaalouk, braised lamb shank, seafood medley,  hargma beef cheek.

7. Mezes // 456 Danforth Ave

Located in the heart of Danforth, some of the finest Greek food in Toronto is served at Mezes. The super vibrant environment and traditional delicious cuisine will transport you to Greece in no time.

Popular choices: fried calamari,souvlaki, lamb chops, ortikia (grilled quails), saganaki (flaming cheese)

8. Hamdi // 18 Rexdale Blvd.

You'll discover flavourful Somalian and East African cuisine at Hamdi. The restaurant has been in business for 20 years and has become a landmark in Toronto's authentic food scene. There are a variety of stews, meat based and seafood dishes to choose from their menu.

Popular choices: wasald ( goat shoulder), beef or chicken stew, mogadishu, steak (busteeki) and fish (kalluun/mallaay)

9. El Trompo // 277 Augusta Ave.

El Trompo will truly provide you with the ultimate Mexican dining experience. It has pretty much become the taco house of Toronto because their tacos are absolutely mouth watering. Enjoy a couple of margaritas or a Corona, with their speciality tacos and trust me, you'll be coming back for more .

Popular choices: al pastor(pork tacos), bistec (beef tacos), molten cheese.

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