Toronto's coolest and most up and coming neighbourhood Kensington Market is full of life. You can do tons of things in this small neighbourhood. There are plenty of restaurants, vintage shops and more!

If your date is super unique and different, take them to Toronto's Kensington Market. You won't regret an afternoon here! 

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Rasta Pasta // 61 Kensington Ave.

This unique hybrid restaurant is perfect for a date. Unique flavours will wow your date, and you will impress your significant other with your cool knowledge of the city.

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King of Kensington Thrift Store // 35 Kensington Ave

King of Kensington is one of Toronto's coolest thrift stores. Take your date shopping and get to know them better by seeing their sense of style.

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Wrestlers // 198 Augusta Ave

If your date is into popsicles and ice cream, take them to Wrestlers! They have some of the best frozen treats in the city.

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Supermarket // 268 Augusta Ave

If your date loves live music, take them to this super cool and unique bar! You'll get a cool show, cheap drinks and amazing entertainment!

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Ronnie’s Local // 69 Nassau Street

If your date likes to drink, take them to Ronnie's. This cheap local bar is intimate, and the price is right!

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El Rey Mezcal Bar // 2A Kensington Avenue

For a romantic date on a patio, check out El Ray's. Their food is absolutely incredible, and the string lights on the patio at night are super romantic.

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Fika // 28 Kensington Ave.

If you want to spend time getting to know your date, take them to Fika. This coffee shop is the perfect place to sit and talk.

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Vintage Depot // 70 Kensington Ave

If you love vintage clothes and want to show your date the coolest spots, definitely hit up vintage depot. One of the top stores in the city.

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Cold Tea // 60 Kensington Ave

If you and your date are going for a night out, you have to hit up cold tea. It's the best spot in the city for drinks, music and dancing.